Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Monday February 20.

Name it and claim it !

There is no easy way to finishing any project !
Sometimes we can all get overwhelmed by what is on our to-do list,
even without piles of Ufos :o)

So - my approach is to name and claim up to 5 projects,
forget about all the rest,
and focus on these 5.

What I have named and claimed are:

1. Quilt for DBIL - deadline is in July, but it would be nice to be done in good time (for once ;o) )
As you know, it is used for teaching as well.

2. Table runner in spring colours.
The top is done and what is left to do is machine quilting + binding.
I hope to have it done by Wednesday next week.

3. Spring green pillow with applique.
As you can see, no applique at the moment,
but it will be, before long.

4. Heart project
Machine quilting to be done + joining of blocks.

5. Dear Jane cross stitch embroidery.

Unofficially ( almost ;o) ) my deadline for these projects is Friday 17. March.
Time will tell if I can make it.
I think I can, if I put one foot in front of the other and do my daily thread(s)