Wednesday, February 21, 2024

February Chookshed Stitchers 2024 Challenge


The care quilt top I had as my February goal in the Chookshed Stitchers 2024 Challenge is done, and has left the house for the next person in line doing the machine quilting.

My care quilt group meets about every 6 months for a 2 day gathering, in driving distance from everyone's home, so we all sleep in our own beds.

I have started cutting and sewing another top like this, from my own fabrics, with fewer blocks - 7 by 9, instead of 8 by 10. 
I am shaking my head about the fact that I must have had like 5 yards of the pinkish red fabric, French General.
Note to self - do not buy so much for future might-want-to-do projects.
Well - I think I bought all these French General fabrics in USA, where fabric prices still are much lower than here.
I do remember I loved that fabric, so it is a good thing to use fabrics when they are fresh off the bolt, and not saving it for the future. 
Taste changes over time, right?

Morning stitches adds up too 💖
More about that in another post shortly.

Wishing you a wonderful day where you are 💖


Wednesday, February 07, 2024

February focus projects


Since I picked up this Ufo in January, I decided that it is it's time to be done 🎄
It's a candle mat - the hexies are 1 inch.

My main focus project for February - with a deadline - is this lap quilt top, 48" by 60"

It was never an Ufo, but it is on my to do list for my care quilt group's get together next weekend. 
We do have a lot of fabrics in the group the participants can pick from, but for me it feels better to use from what I already have at home.
I am sure I am not the only one having more fabrics that what I can use for many years......

These care quilts do not make the biggest dent, but it does make a difference in my fabric collection over time. Before, I used to make my care quilts A to Z, but I do not do that anymore.
We have some lovely ladies in our group being good at machine quilting, and have that as their task in the group. So, hence that, I can do what I like best, making quilt tops.

My arms do not like using the sewing machine for more than 1-1 1/2 hours maximum a day, so I have made a progression plan to be done in good time. It works like a charm so far 💖

Wishing you a wonderful day where you are 💖


Monday, January 29, 2024

Monday focus


It is a good process, to go through my boxes and treasures, with small steps.

Since I have already finished my January challenge, and there are still 3 days left until the February challenge is drawn, I think I will focus on giving these 3 projects a push forward.

I found a red stitchery, with less than one thread done....... No stitchery stabilizer.... really? 
I've used a  very very dark red floss, not very Christmas-y...... It must have been laying around since before we moved, over 5 years ago.
What on earth have I been thinking?

The flower stitchery is a design by Rosalie Quinlan. I packed a kit for it during autumn, and have carried it around a few times without getting anything done. Now I do a few threads every day, and I have plans on what to make from it once it is done.

The Gratitude Hearts from Sue Daley have been neglected for a long time too. 

Wishing you a creative week 💖


Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Another finish for January


This cushion has been finished for a little while (finished in January), and I am so happy with how it looks. It was so fun to make! The design is my own.

I also enjoyed the hand quilting with Aurifil 12 very much.

I will be teaching curved seams by hand this upcoming weekend,
and I needed more blocks, like in half size. 
The cushion blocks are 4 inches, the pouch blocks are 2 inches. I have even tried some 1" blocks, but they are quite small, even for me.

So for January I can check off goal #1, these projects, and goal #7, the stitchery from the previous post.

I will start on my project for month 2 of the Chookshed Stitchers 2024 Challenge 

Wishing you a wonderful day where you are 💖


Friday, January 19, 2024

First finish in 2024


This little candle mat was started in 2023. 
It did not get finished before Christmas, but now it is finished and ready for Christmas 2024 💖
The design is from Bareroots

It is part of my Chookshed Stitchers 2024 Challenge list - #6 on my list, since Deana draw #6 as a suggestion for us all to work on in January. 
I am still working on #1 simultaneously, plus #5 and #10 - never a dull moment!

I have been going through my sewing room this week, and it is fair to say that I can keep working on different projects for very long without leaving the house 🙈

Well, I am not naming and claiming more projects for this month than what I am already working on 😁 Slow and steady, stitch by stitch, that's my plan.

Have a wonderful day where you are 💖 


Saturday, January 13, 2024

No finishes yet


No finishes yet, but progress is done 😀

I am jumping between those of my 10 projects that can be done by hand. 
My shoulders are not up to sewing machine work right now. 

This hexagon project got started in USA in October. The size of the hexagon sides are 2 inches. 
It is a friendship project and it has been great fun.
My friends are doing English Paper Piecing. I am drawing lines and doing traditional hand piecing.  
The project is inspired by an Instagram account called Tales Of Cloth, called Secret Garden Quilt. 
It is a free pattern on her website.

I have a pile of 3 by 3 hexie blocks, a pile of 3 hexies in a row, and a pile of cut hexies. 
 If I join all the sections that I have done by now, I will be more than half done with the quilt top.
No deadline, just fun!

This stitchery is done, just waiting for me to do the sewing machine work. 

Wishing you a wonderful day where you are!


Monday, January 08, 2024

Progress and daily threads


Sometimes it is hard to tell why a project was put to the side, becoming an Ufo.
It just happens, in the best of sewing rooms. 

Right now it is my sewing machine that is put to the side. I do enjoy the tranquility of hand work so much and hand work is easier on a sore shoulder.

Being put to the side happened to this cute hexie diamond quilt, but the Ikea cart hides nothing, just like I hoped it would not.
The quilt I will give some daily attention is #10 on my challenge list.
A daily thread or two will not make this a speedy project, but every thread will move it closer to being finished. 

I do enjoy jumping around with my limited choice of projects. 10 might not be that limited to some though. 
When I finish at least 2 projects, I will allow myself to put 1 new project (Ufo or new start) into the rotation.

My project #1 - deadline project - is coming along nicely 😍

My project #6 is also coming along nicely, one thread at a time.

It is still freezing cold here. It was -25 degrees C (- 13 F) this morning. We are wearing wool and keeping warm as best as we can.

I hope you are well and warm where you are 💖


Friday, January 05, 2024

Making a working system


I am working on making a good system for storing the Chookshed Stitchers Challenge 2024.
I think this shelf on wheels from Ikea will do nicely. My sewing room is not so big, so this will be visible to me every day, and not get forgotten. 

Days have been flying with everyday activities. 

Today it is -24 degrees C outdoors (-11 F) 
It is a good day to stay in the sewing room. I have no errands or out of the house activities today.

The stitchery is coming along nicely, thread by thread.

Wishing you a lovely day where you are!


Tuesday, January 02, 2024

New Year 2024 - Hello, I am ready 💓

There is something calming about the first days of the new year.
I am not really one for resolutions, but I like to have some goals, one way or the other. 
I will not be a better person by the end of this year, or any year, but maybe a bit wiser, who knows.
Priorities will always change, the older I get. Some years will treat us better than others.
I have high hopes for 2024 💓

Chookshed Stitchers 2024 Challenge:

Deana have drawn project #6 for us to work on. That is not mandatory, but when I saw that the #6 is a bag with stitchery and applique (on her list), I thought I could do my #6 too, along with my #1 which have a set deadline. 
My #6 is this stitchery candle mat by Bareroots. A few threads a day do make a difference.

The fridge still contains leftovers from Christmas, so dinner will be very easy today.

Yes, I do love baking - this is bread rolls with leftover grated cheese, chopped leek and a little splash of double cream that needed to be used, diluted in water.  Not to leek-y, but with a little kick.
I freeze the bread rolls and take only what we need out, when we need it. A short thaw in the microwave and it both smell and taste really fresh and good.

Today dinner will be chicken soup and bread rolls

We have got a lot of snow - I am happy I do not have to go out today.
You'll find me in my sewing room.

Have a lovely day where you are 


Sunday, December 31, 2023

The day before the new year


Tomorrow the new year starts. It is a time for a little reflection. 

I am happy for my family and friends.
I am happy about having happy plans for the new year.
I am happy for having a safe home and enough to eat.
I am happy for living in a county with good health care for all. 
I am happy for fabrics, good tools, lovely embroidery floss and beautiful colours.  

I am happy for being me, through good days and not so good days.
I am happy for daily threads and black coffee in the mornings


I have started the after Christmas clean out in the fridge 😊

Yesterday I baked bread - putting in a piece of cut up sweet bread and some milk that had been in the fridge for a while in the dough. Homemade bread is the best.
Some store bought marzipan got baked in the oven as cookies. I baked them exactly as I bake cookies from self made marzipan. I wonder what made them to hard baked under. Some additives in the marzipan I guess. DH think they are perfect as is. They will not last long 😁

The clementines we bought for Christmas this year was not the best, so I cooked them with some sugar and some pectine and used the stick mixer to make a smooth bread spread. It tastes good and will be perfect for breakfast and toast. 
Fruit salad for dessert was not wrong either - clementines, seedless grapes, some pineapple and some raisins. I thought it would last for today too - it did not 💛

I am not one for resolutions, but I have some plans that will make the new year a good and fun one.

I wish you and yours the very best for the new year 💖