Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Stitches and happiness ♥️


I have been so lucky! 
I had my shoulder repaired after a very bad fall, by the very best surgeon, in January 2019.
Friday 16th of this month I had the same luck. A very good surgeon. I had a hardware store of plate and 11 screws removed from the shoulder and it was a success again ♥️
The pain from the metal is gone and the healing process is going well.  I did not expect this much from the last surgery. I am so grateful!

I am enjoying hand sewing even more than before.
My sewing machine came home from its service this week. I do not feel up to using it just yet, but I will, shortly.

Doing a happy dance ♥️


Sunday, September 11, 2022


I feel both happy and lucky to have the joy of stitchery, hand piecing and knitting to wake up to every morning ❤
My daily morning threads sets a good feeling  to my days. All the small finishes are as important as the finished quilts and the finished knittings ❤

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Another old friend


I have been thinking about spending time with this old project again for a while. I feel I need an English Paper Piecing project 🙈😁

I can't remember when I started this - it was long before we moved house - maybe 10 years ago? The pattern, This Goes With That, by Sue Daley, has no publishing year on it. 

Well - I still like the colours and the blocks are not as big as those in the previous post.

I have matching colours to use. I did use the whole afternoon finding papers and templates. I can't remember why this project came to a halt, but it can be that I ran out of papers. Today I cut down some 3" 6 pointed stars papers to 2,5" and split some others into triangles.

I spent last night and this morning with the Chookshed Stitchers on Zoom.
I always get a lot of inspiration from them ❤

It feels very nice to work on this project again ❤

Do more of what makes you happy ❤


Friday, September 09, 2022


 I was looking through a shelf in my Quilt Corner and found a project that has been hidden in plain sight for a long time.

I can not remember when I started this, but I still love the blocks and the colours.

It makes me feel happy and grateful for being able to sew and having a lot of pretty fabrics, patterns and projects going on.

I need to move a focus project or two before picking up this project again 🙈😁💕


Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Stitchery day


Today is a stitchery day. 

My body and I are not on the same team today. Stitchery helps, coffee helps too ❤

Today I am grateful for having both in abundance 😍


Monday, September 05, 2022

To much of a good thing


I have made it a long time goal to use as much as I can from my pink fabrics. 

I cut fabrics yesterday and made the 88 blocks today.

I still like pink, but to much of a good thing is just that, to much of a good thing.........

Note to self: Use your prettiest fabric when they still are your prettiest fabrics! 



Saturday, September 03, 2022

Like a little postcard


I do not like plastic bags. 

The look, the plastic bag sound the and the footprint on the environment do not appeal to me. 

Therefore I use fabric bags whenever I can. I have several in different colours, all homemade 🥰

Today I have knitting in my bag - socks for my two wonderful grandchildren.

When done, the orange pair will be fox sock and the other pair will be snake socks.

I hope to get some knitting done tonight, when the small ones are in bed. It's a busy weekend with happy babysitting. We went to bed very early last night. I guess we'll do the same tonight 😁

I make my fabric bags foldable. 

They are easy to store - not back pocket size, but fits well in my purse 😊




Happy Saturday to you ❤


Friday, September 02, 2022

How to use cushions


I love how my family use my cushions  in the living room ❤

I spotted this relaxed little foot and just had to take a photo.

My 3 year old grandson enjoying watching some cartoons, Grizzly and Lemen, before bed time, in his pj, sitting on the grandmother made cushions. 

That's how memories are made 💙💙💙

Stitcheries give me so much joy ❤

Every morning I do stitchery with my morning coffee.

The very best start to a good day ❤

Currently I am working on Best Friends Forever by Rosalie Dekker.

I have finished 14 of 32 blocks so far.

Today I am testing blogging from my phone 🤗 


Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Tomorrow is never a good plan (for me)

I have been lost from my blog for such a long time - I am sorry for that.

Life has interfered with online time - some vacation, some family time and some other things going on, and the old procrastination called Tomorrow, Tomorrow

I have got a date for a hospital stay today,  in a couple of weeks from today.
I can feel it lifted a heavy weight off of me. It will be good! I am prepping stitcheries for the time after.


I have scheduled a maintenance service for my sewing machine too.
It is needed, and it is nice that it can be done while I most likely will not need the machine.

I have been working away on my already started projects through the summer, like I planned earlier.


I have not counted my finishes yet - it has been a mix of older and newer projects.

The cushion above is a Kaffe Fassett design that I gifted myself for my birthday in April, and finished last week.  It has more than 26.000 stitches and it was very fun to do. It is wool thread on cotton aida. It looks good in my living room. Maybe I will do more embroidery of the same kind in the future.

Have a wonderful day, wherever you are!