Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sometimes life just happens

18-19 February

A friend came to spend the weekend and to sew.
Myself, I was quite overwhelmed with all that I needed to do before a class that was starting on Monday this week.
The flu had taken it's toll, and the body was so heavy,
even if the fever was gone and the cough had stopped.

Well - every mile start with the first step,
and often the first step is a step of confidence !
I worked up a confidence I could at least machine quilt 2 sections out of 4 on the teaching quilt,
also known as quilt for DBIL's 50th anniversary this summer.

As said, so done - and one step at a time 3 sections was quilted by the time I called it a day, at 1 am !

Sunday morning I machine quilted the last section,
and by the end of the day I had joined 4 sections into 2 !

This is a quilting in sections project,
and the more I work with that method the better I like it,
as I can do much more in the ditch quilting than I would have done with a full quilt.
Even with a Janome Memory Craft 6600 I can not quilt as big as a full quilt with ease,
even if it is much easier than it was before, on my Pfaff 7570.
I also like the flat bed very much :o)

For this quilt I have used Hobb's Heirloom 100 % cotton and it is quilted in the ditch every 2"

The sections are joined with a binding strip over every joining seam,
and I have used 2 different fabrics on the back - alternating every section.
I had the fabrics in my collection and it was just about enough !

The top is also pieced entirely from fabric collection !

It gives a very good feeling to handle those older fabrics -
sort of a scrap book over my quilting life.
It also feels very good to use them up and make do when I run out of a particular fabric.

It also is nice to work on 9 patch designs.
A simple block and a 3 stripe set is all this quilt needed.
It would be nice to do this quilt pattern in other colours as well.
Maybe I will, some day...........