Saturday, March 04, 2006

New month, fresh start

Life has been ever so busy lately,
and even doing a daily thread has been a challenge.

I have my right ear full of acupuncture studs -
well, not full - but 3 fills as well.
They are really working and since Monday last week,
my body has been like a roller coaster,
with a lot of ups, downs, twists and turns.
The last week has given more ups than downs and some positive twist and turns,
even if I am using my best will to see it.
At least is is not just downs anymore !

DBIL's quilt is done and looking good !
Both sides are made from fabric collection,
and the the quilting is done in sections.
Addictive method, once I got used to it.
I will surely do it again and again :o)

Each strip in this quilt is 2" when done.
It was nice to work with different scraps,
like sewing past revisited -
like a walk down memory lane -
remembering when, what and where.

Can you see this quilt is made of 2 simple blocks only ?

Lovely to be done in more than good time as well -
the birthday is in July,
and before that the quilt will perform as class quilt in a quilt as you go class.
It is two birds with one stone - good, good, good !!

When these photos was taken we were between 2 snow storms.
DH had just shoveled about 1 meter of snow off the deck,
and now he has shoveled another meter off.
In our garden the snow piles is nearly 2 meters high.