Saturday, March 04, 2006

Sewing Saturday

It is Saturday afternoon,
and it is time to get started with some sewing :o)

From my previous Name and Claim 2 items are now finished,
and it felt like a good time to add another.
You know, finish 2, start 1.
The start is another unfinished object,
also known as Ufo,
even if it is not very old.
If I don't finish it now, it will not be finished for a long long time

What you can see on the photo is
- a pillow front waiting to get it's applique added,
-16 blocks for quilt-as-you-go ---- the quilting is done,
and now lacks the joining.
Maybe I should try to join the now pairs into 4 units ?
Hmmm - sounds like a plan !
- a miniature quilt which needs the applique done + quilting
- my Dear Jane cross stitch embroidery.

For the embroidery I am using floss from the collection,
and I think it looks nice.
I Need it done before long though,
as it is part of a plan.

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  1. Hi Hanne!
    Your embroidery is awesome! and yur dd2 looks like you:)


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