Thursday, May 04, 2006

My first postcard

This postcard is 4,5" by 7" and it is 90 degrees at the corners even if the photo is not.
It is for my friend Lene who celebrates her birthday on Monday.
It will go in the mail as it is, no envelope. I put white sheet fabric on the back and have written with a Pigma pen, and it has a stamp like any other postcard.
It is stiff, made with Fast2Fuse.
I guess I will surprise Lene - we have not seen each other for a while,
and a little mailbox joy is always welcome :-)


  1. What a lucky friend to receive this birthday postcard. My birthday is this month :)

  2. You have a very lucky friend! I am sure that the day she receives this in the post, you will make her smile.

  3. looks loveley..! She will get very happy!


  4. Hei, postkortet ble kjempeflott, sant det var moro?
    Hilsen Bente NM

  5. very pretty postcard Hanne. You are the Queen of Hearts:)

  6. Very pretty Hanne. I know your friend will be so surprised and will love it. It would be so much fun to see her face when she opens her mailbox.

  7. excellent postcard and such fun both to make and receive! lucky friend...

  8. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Your postcard is wonderful :-)

  9. Very nice postcard! I haven't tried making them yet, maybe you can teach me when this May challenge of mine is over?


  10. Your postcard is adorable...I can't believe it's your first one!

  11. Lovely! I am about to make my first fabric post card too! I got the Fast2Fuse too!

  12. Oh, your friend is going to love this! I have to add Fast2Fuse and a book on this to my shopping list - I have lots of friends and family I would just love to make a "mini quilt" for! It really is GREAT - can't believe it is your first one!




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