Monday, June 19, 2006

Midnight update

I do not work well under pressure and I do not thrive on short time schedules,
but sure, I get things done.

I thrive best with my daily threads, having time to spend time writing, reading and thinking as well - having time for the small interruptions of daily life and time to smell the flowers doing nothing.

I have done progress with the Starboat quilt though, the big blocks.
4 blocks are completely done
4 blocks lacks only a little, like redoing a seam on one, doing the circular seam on 2 and gluing and the circular seam on one.
For the last 4, the middle circles are done.

I wish I had the backbone of doing these blocks as a daily thread since the class, 4 weeks ago.
4 weeks seemed like forever - yeah, right.......

I am adjusting my goal for the good of myself.
If I can join half the top tomorrow I will be happy enough - every stitch more than that is pure bonus :-)
I will not get told off or get whacked with a wet noodle - it is a get-together after the class in May, to show our quilts or quilt tops.


  1. I agree- it is hard to work and be happy under pressure..I hope you do ok with this top!

  2. Hanne,
    Do what you can...and be kind to yourself. It'll work out!

  3. I hear you! Working to a deadline just shuts me down. Not only do I then miss the deadline I feel overwhelmed. Much better to set small goals and see every stitch after that as bonus


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