Monday, August 14, 2006

Judy's challenge Day 1

Like a cow on green grass, or something like that :-)

I like a challenge, and I have spent an hour preparing HST for tomorrow, choosing and cutting out fabrics and spray basted HST paper to it.
This will be another 2 colour quilt, with blues and whites adding some turquoise. Turquoise is (nearly) a shade of blue, right ?
I know, turquoise is not a colour from the colour wheel and can not be mixed from any of the primary colours. Did you know that ?

I have rolls of HST papers in a drawer and I have used it today, so this is stashbusting in many ways. I prefer to print my HST from Triangulations 2.0, as you know, so these rolls have just been taking up space. I find copy paper easier to tear, even with a short stitch.

I am using my white on white prints. I loved them before, but not so much anymore, as I now prefer the more off white. I also find the white on white print "rubbery", if you know what I mean.

My plan is to make 20 blocks, but not add the borders. I like quilts without borders the best. I guess it also has to do with my fabric collection not having any long pieces. I sometimes piece borders from rectangular pieces.
In EQ5 this quilt looks good without borders. Time will tell :-)

More tomorrow.


  1. Great start on the challenge! I've been thinking about a two color quilt, but I can't decide on what two colors to use!

  2. That's an awesome start to Judy's challenge. I have been looking all over for those Triangles on a Roll because I hate triangles with a passion and would like to try them that way. None of my lqs's have them :( I could always take them off your hands, LOL!

  3. I use Triangulations, Triangles on a Roll, and Thangles, all three, depending on the project. I love them all. And, sometimes, I just cut the squares and sew them. =)

    Tomorrow will be a sewing hour!

    I didn't know that you couldn't mix turquoise in with others. I always have. =) Yes, it's blue. I used to wear a lot of turquoise, coming from Arizona. The jewelry color seems to go with everything!

  4. BTW, I saw your pretty red CQ block that's going around. It's so beautiful! Lucky you when it comes home.

  5. Your daughter's quilt is beautiful. I'm sure she'll cuddle with it for many years to come.
    I've never heard of Triangulations. Are they like Thangles?

  6. Hope you will post a photo when you have made your HSTs. It's nice to see what fabrics others are using for this quilt.

  7. I like to print my own also. I don't know what the challenge is but anything with HST would be fun for me. I simply enjoy making them.


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