Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Making progress

I have nothing new to show today, so I want to show a toiletry purse I made last year - my own design.
It is so high and deep shampoo bottles can stand up, and it has pockets with elastics inside.
The batik was fun to use, with the colour play in it. Curved piecing was fun too, by machine.

When I am done with DD1's quilt I can give you some measurements for napkin box if you like.
I made my first by cutting up a cardboard box many years ago. I still have the cardboard pieces.
It is not my invention. I saw on in a market and thought I could do one too.
As you see, I could :-)

I am working my daily hour(s) and I am 1/3 done with machine quilting DD1's quilt.
I very much like to finish it before this weekend !


  1. How very clever of you---batik like that might be the very thing I need for my round robin

  2. You are just so very clever!

  3. What a great bag! How wonderful that you figured it out on your own and saved the big bucks!

  4. nice! I love the way you are able to make it up and make it work & stick with it long enough to finish it!

  5. What a nice bag. Like the fabrics you used.

  6. So, do you think you can give us the pattern for the bag, in addition to the napkin holder?
    The batiks against the black look really good.

  7. doing great Hanne! it is such fun to see something and go home and make your own.

  8. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Hanne, that bag is gorgeous!

  9. This bag is gorgeous. I really like the black and the batik together, and I too enjoyed curved piecing by machine, using those acrylic templates. Maybe I'll have to put another drunkard's path on my to-do list.


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