Sunday, September 10, 2006

A good time were had by all :-)

As you might have seen on May Britt's blog we had a lovely time together this Thursday.
Here are a lot of healthy things to count - the recipe for a lovely evening :
Friends, quilting, smiling, jelly ladies (sweets), cake, fruit, hot and cold beverages.

I have been working on the applique block and have changed colours from green and red to brown and possibly pink - or blue - on an off white background.
Rather than the country look of deep reds, greens and yellows I think I will go for the more vintage look of brown, pink or blue, and mustard.

What do you think ?
Pink or blues ? I am taking votes :-)

If you look at the blocks in question on May Britt's blog - link above - I guess it will give you something to think from.


  1. hummm pink or blue you say... which do you have more of in the stash to use??? :-)

  2. Brown and blue is sooooooo beautiful. Do not think you are a pink lady LOL.
    Have made another block today. But will show it tomorrow. No it is time to go to bed. Goodnight!!!

  3. Blue is going to be easier to find... that might be an important consideration if you want lots of variety. The blocks your thinking about are lovely!



  4. oh you know we are going to be all over the map with that question--half of us think blue and the others pink, LOL.

    I liked the browns and pink quilt I made so let me play devils advocate and say the opposite.

  5. I would go with blue - except you've made several blue quilts lately. Maybe it's time to try something different. Pink and brown and mustard sounds unusual and interesting.

  6. can you show us how it will look? one picture of fabric with the blues and another with the pinks...

  7. I like this picture. It looks like you two are having too much fun and maybe being mischevious to boot. I am partial to blue, but maybe pink would work better for the project.

  8. I'm partial to pink with brown - looks like you two had fun!

  9. Dusky pink perhaps?

    Looks like you two had fun and Jelly Ladies too! I assume they are the same as Jelly Babies?

    Clare x

  10. I like pink with brown, and the blocks are of a feminine theme so I lean towards pink.

    I guess though it depends where the quilt will be when finished. If it is for you, what will look best in your home?


  11. my vote is for pink as it's my favourite color. I also like pink and brown together and i'm hoping to make a quilt with those colors some time.

  12. The blocks are wonderful, I like brown with pinks

  13. Whenever I am faced with that type of decision,I do both.

  14. My vote:
    Pink and brown
    Blue and brown/cream

    all of the above!!! LOL


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