Friday, September 15, 2006


TGIF - Thank God It's Friday !
Some weeks really needs the weekend more than others, and this has been one of them.

My plans for the weekend are few. Applique is one of them though, and I have bought some fabrics to mix with the browns and maybe even some blues :-)

I was teaching Dear Jane at my favourite shop yesterday evening and mentioned what happened with my applique earlier this week, and I am not the only one experiencing permanent gluing with that brand of glue stick!
If you don't want permanent gluing stay clear of Fabric Glue Stick - instant basting adhesive - from Collins !
2 others have been telling about their experience in the shop recently. It must be more than the 3 of us out there.
If I had known in advance a good soaking might have done the trick, but who could know ? I bought a Clover stick to try out with something else and a new roll of freezer paper.

Cat Ladder or Ladder Cat ? :-)

One of the favourite places Lille Rusk has on the veranda is on the top of DH's ladder. She climbs both up and down as easy as that and has done so for many weeks.
Lille Rusk is an indoor cat with a touch of veranda using.

Who can resist cuddling me - purr purr ?
You know I know how to control the house quilter, and I do my belly cuddle trick every so often - purr purr - on the cutting mat, by the sewing machine - purr purr.
I am coming to stay the weekend, and I have promised a lot of cat-upuncture and many cuddles.
A right dose of claws, teeth, soft fur and purrs - purr purr - it is good to be a cat in full control :-)


  1. I will stay away from that glue. Could you perhaps show us a photo of that glue so we can recognize it and not buy it.
    Purr Purr from Frida to you Lille Rusk

  2. What a beautiful kitten. Ladder climber! Hilarious.

  3. I've never seen a cat on a ladder before, very cute...

    May your needle be swift and your thread smooth all weekend :-)

  4. Lovely bunch of fabrics. Better luck with the new adhesive. The cat likes the ladder because it allows him to better survey his domain.

  5. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Those are great photos.... (I have a 12 foot ladder in my new place - for changing the recessed lights on the 12 foot ceiling - the only problem... no where to put the ladder when it is not being used...) an orange 12 foot ladder would probably not be the best cat "toy."

  6. Love the pictures of you cat - what a cutie! Who could resist tickling a tummy like that :)

  7. I see a pleasant weekend in your future. Great fabrics. Adorable feline.

  8. She's getting big now, I'd love them to stay that tiny kitten size forever, but they soon grow and become cats!

    My old cat would climb right up to the top of a 7 foot ladder and sit. Scared me to death but he loved it!

  9. The people on my quilting groups recommend the cheap gluesticks - the cheap washable ones made for kids - Elmers and another brand that is purple I can't remember offhand. It does what it is supposed to, apparently better than the quiltstore stuff, and is much cheaper than buying something specifically for quilting.

  10. I just itch to reach right thru my screen and give that kitty belly a scratch. :-)

  11. Lets hope that applique goes better this time around--good that you could warn the others and pass along the hint to soak the glue out,

    What a little sweetie! Not getting much done at the machine for belly scratching and nuzzling??

  12. Have a great weekend of claws, teeth, soft fur and purrs. Good luck on your applique.

  13. Had to laugh at the thought of cat-upuncture - giving a belly tickle is asking for it! She's so cute.

  14. very nice fabrics you have bought. Hope you have better luck with your applique.

  15. I love your fabric-- I dying to go shopping--cute kitty---

  16. I love your fabric-- I dying to go shopping--cute kitty---

  17. This picture is so like my on sweet "furperson" Merlin. He is a sweet darling and loves my sewing machine and even needles for handwork. He frequently sits on my lap so I have to finish a project or I will disturb him.


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