Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Steps in the right direction

I promised myself to follow through with 1 hour a day on the Watermelon quilt in October.
I must admit I have been a slow starter, today is the fourth day of the month and the first day I have met my goal, with 75 minutes.
I can promise I will catch up over the next days though.
I want this quilt done asap so I can do big stitch quilting on it :-)

I have found all the finished blocks and semi-finished blocks from June.
I thought I was closer to finishing the blocks - duh ;-)
My approach will be to finish row by row - 4 rows in all and 12 big blocks and 20 small blocks in all.
The first row is already done from this summer and row number 2 will hopefully be joined tomorrow, after I have dusted off the glue, iron, sew method used for sewing the curves all by machine. The big blocks finish 12" and the small blocks finish 3,5".
Photos tomorrow.


  1. Doesn't the idea of big stich quilting sound like just the embellishment some quilts need.

    I got my hour in this morning and this afternoon I was able to work a bit more. This is a great pattern.

  2. Good for you for working on your goals already. I like the picture of the steps. I generally find that when I go back to something, I hadn't made nearly as many blocks as I thought I had. I also find that they aren't nearly as hard to make as I thought.

  3. even if you don't "catch up", if you do your goal of 1 hour each day you're making significant gains :-)

  4. I love big stitch quilting but have yet to do a quilt using it myself. I need to find a good pattern for it and piece a top. I could use a hand quilting project for the upcoming Minnesota winter!

  5. I was inteded to follow the one hour quilt for october, but have not started yet. My shoulder is hurting and I do not look forward to all the cutting.

  6. Great goals. Lots of stuff to do. Don't be too hard on yourself if they don't all get accomplished.

  7. Lots and lots to do---making me tired, LOL but your list looks do-able since you already have a head start on 3 of the projects.

    And you will do them with your usual flare, I know.


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