Friday, November 10, 2006

Love is in the air

The old song from 1978-1979 is in my brain today.
Proves my age, doesn't it, being in my late teens at the time ?
Can you remember it too ?

I learned to think and piece letters from Tonya - she is The Letter Expert. Thanks Tonya!

Meet my quilt block inspector :-)
Doesn't her look say: Who is the boss around here, you or me ?

DD1's cat is spending the weekend here, at The Cat Hotel.
We are enjoying each others company a lot. She is in her teens now, with a real attitude sometimes. She is going on 6 months and is very aware of being the queen of 2 households :-)


  1. looks like the cat hotel is loved.... :-)

  2. I love that song! He was an Aussie singer :-)
    Your love quilt is looking beautiful, well done!

  3. I know that song. The queen definitely looks like she thinks she is in charge. She has grown into a beautiful cat. Your love letters are awesome.

  4. Your daughter's cat is sure growing!

  5. Your quilt is moving along nicely. I can't say I can place that song, it was into really heavy rock music in the 70's.

  6. This quilt is just getting better and better.

  7. I remember the song and the time I had when it was popular. Gosh... that is not soooooo long ago.

    The cat is really growing. Have he got his own cat quilt to sleep on yet LOL

  8. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Oooh yes, I remember that song quite well (now it's going to stay in my mind for a few hours, I think). I was young, pretty, full of energy, laughing all the time and... I weighed 25 pounds less !

    And now ????
    Well, I'm still young at heart, I laugh (nearly) all the time.... and I have 25 pounds more experience !

    This quilt is going to be very original and sparkling, I just LOVE it !

    The cat is a prince! So beautiful!

    Hugs and smiles,


  9. The cat is in charge - the cat is always the boss. What a sweetie pie. Your L-O-V-E look great!

  10. yes i remember the song. The singers name is John Paul Young. I loved that song back then and still love singing to it when i hear it on the radio which isn't very often now.

    Your quilt looks great. I like the fabrics you are using.

  11. She is really growing. Aren't you pleased that she is protecting your blocks?

    I remember that song too. Now I will be humming it all day.

  12. I think she's trying to tell you she loves you, laying on the love blocks. :)


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