Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday excitement

The tote to be stitchery is done and for a while I have thought it was to bright.
My plan is to make this tote with brown fabric.
I am not saving my best fabrics anymore, so my Japanese taupe fabrics it will be.

I have been wanting to try tea dying for a long time and now was the perfect moment.
I used the Little Quilt recipe of 1 quart hot tap water to 6-8 teabags.
Letting the tea bags soak for 15 minutes and the quilt bath for 15-30 minutes.

First try with letting the quilt bath for 15 minutes gave a to light result for my use.
You can not know the result before the fabric is dry, and it looks much darker wet than dry.
I had poured out the tea dye, so at it again, letting the stitchery bath for approx. 25 minutes more.

I like the result, and you can see the difference.
I will do this again on other works in the future !


  1. The tea dye really takes the "gleam" off.... looks great

  2. Beautiful stitchery. And it is fun to tea dye. Have you tryed to dye with cofee?

  3. I love the effect of tea dying! Thanks for sharing the process with us!

  4. Nice!

    I agree, the white was too contrasty with your stitches, this looks much easier to the eye.

  5. Anonymous9:36 am

    Tefarging virker vågalt, men resultatet ble flott. Jeg har gjort det flere ganger og det som er litt rart er at fargene på broderier og mønster ellers, beholder sin opprinnelig farge - bare basisstoffet skrifter farge.

  6. Beautiful work Hanne, you're a brave one to work with dyeing after all of those stitiches. But it paid off, I really like the color.

  7. I have never tried the tea dying, but now that I see that it really does work very well, I will have to attempt it.

  8. i have done some tea dyeing but never after doing some stitchery. It really looks much better.

  9. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Hi Hanna,

    I have been enjoying your blog very much and I just wanted to say that your embroidered tote already looks beautiful.

    I have a tip for your tea dyeing. Try adding a teaspoon full of fabric softener. It helps fixing the pigments. I also add a pinch of salt. If you feel you want a little more zing, add also some onion skins (take the bath to a boiling point, remove from the fire, let cool and add the rest).

    Have fun!

    Stitching in São Paulo

  10. Anonymous2:53 pm

    you are so brave to be using your Taupes... (mine are still folded nicely, waiting patiently.)

  11. Brilliant. I love the antique look. You are brave, daring to do that, to a brand new stitchery. And it turned out so nice. I am looking forward to se the result of this.

  12. What an absolutely adorable piece of embroidery! And the tea-dying adds just the right touch.

  13. Beautiful work from you as always!! Looking forward to seeing the finished result...

  14. My Gramma's Apron quilt is too white, I will be tea dying it as well. Waiting to see what backing I choose for the quilt before I decide if I dye it before or after it is quilted.

  15. I also really like the effect of tea dyeing. I haven't used it on a quilt yet but I try to get a similar effect by using lots of different background fabrics in my scrap quilts and including lots of beige and tan.

  16. Oh I love that stitchery pattern and the result of the tea bath is wonderful! I LOVE it!

  17. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Nice color with tea ! I'm fan of Bareroots, it's one of my prefered designers

  18. Ohhh Hanne, it's just lovely, and good job with the tea dye. How brave of you!

  19. Coffee is another source of adding character to fabric. I have even tossed the grounds on fabric for extra interest.........

    The tote is going to be one you enjoy for years to come.

  20. Anonymous8:10 am

    delurking to say gorgeous work!! i have this pattern too and your version is just fabulous - love the tea-dyed effect, very soft and subtle. looking forward to seeing the finished tote!


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