Thursday, December 14, 2006

I am not a BOM person

I am not a BOM person!
BOMs comes in kits - I don't like kits at all. They cost way to much. They are not there when I need a project. They are often short of fabrics. The fabrics are not washed. I often do not like the fabrics much. I have a short attention span - 12 months are a long time. ;-)

This pattern caught my attention in an internet shop the other day, and here it is, on my desk.
12 different month stitcheries, no fabrics, no waiting, not very expensive.
As you see, the blocks are big, like A4, and the quilt is big too, 80" x 92".

I think I want to make it into my 2007 BOM.
I will make the blocks applique + some stitchery for details. I will add smiles to all the angels.
These looks a little down, saying I done my best.
When I do my best I am always smiling :-)
My best is good enough!

I will re-think the setting, as I do not need a huge quilt.
My printer has a simple option on reducing an A4 to an A5 (half size), so maybe these blocks will get a life in stitchery as well.
Stay tuned :-)

On another note - May Britt told on us bloggers in the Norwegian Quilter Association member magazine which came in the mail this week. Many familiar blog addresses for me - new to them.
We will get some more visitors - wear your smiles ;-)


  1. I got this pattern Hanne. The angels are so cute. And I agree, kits are so waste of money....sometimes.

  2. I'm not a fan of BOM kits that have fabric either. But I am planning on doing a BOM myself this coming year. Hopefully DS #3 will buy me the pattern I want. If not, I'll buy it myself after Christmas.

    You look like you enjoy your mornings. I just love your notebook cover.

  3. Good luck with your BOM - I did one this year and it didn't go well. Thanks to my Mom, it might actually get finished in 2007. She's stitching my applique down for me and then will send me the blocks to put together and quilt.

  4. I really like this pattern. I saw it somewhere recently, maybe on their internet site. I have done several block of the months and actually done the block each month. Of course, I have the other kind, too. =)

  5. Very beautiful this project. The angels are so nice, I believe that you will do a good job, indeed!
    Also I am not too much from long jobs, my time is always so few, I risk that the Bom become some UFOs :))))

  6. Anonymous10:58 am

    I wish you very merry christmas, I like much your blog and in particular "has years of angels" can you say to me or I can buy the model, I live in France thank you very much


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