Thursday, December 07, 2006

Utility artistery

I am not an artist and nor do I have ambitions in that direction, but sometimes things just happens with a pleasant outcome, like today.
I wanted to make some Christmas cards this morning and found what I needed to do so - window cards, foundations to make foundation paper pieced trees in size 2,5", and I was just about to pick some green fabrics when another idea hit. Sewing foundation paper pieced trees takes a lot of time, and I wanted something with more colour and with less time investment.
Christmas cards are purchased as well, but I do enjoy making some too, for special people.

These window cards I purchased when my favourite quilt shop had a closing sale - must be 6 years ago, and I have guarded them with my life since then.
Well - unused window cards does not bring any joy anywhere, so I have gone through what is left and decided to use more.
When they are used up they are used up, right ?
These can not be bought anymore, but when I am out of them I am sure I can find different kinds other places.
When shopping for a binding for the Watermelon quilt this wonderful raspberry red hit the mailbox. Shopping from an internet shop the colour was not exactly what I was after - screens do not always give the right colour impression.
It was perfect for this project though.
Threads are in abundance in my sewing corner and some stars for embellishment were also at hand.
I have made a little tutorial, so maybe you will make some cards too. If so, be my guest :-)
If you take photos, I will love to see your results.
Remember - you are the artist - every card will be unique :-)

First, spray baste or pin your fabric to a piece of regular copy paper. Makes the card easy to glue later.

I have used the darning foot, sewing with different threads - gold, silver and purple.
Measure your card window and cut the decorated fabric to size, including at least one seam allowance all around. Easier to be generous than to be frugal on this one ! Don't pick the paper off !

Glue the fabric and paper square to the back of the card window with a glue stick and add embellishment by needle and thread or glue stick. I used needle and gold thread for mine.

Remember to sign your card with name and year.
Maybe you are making a collector's item amongst your friends and family :-)
One of my friends writes a Christmas poem every year. I collect them and enjoy them.


  1. I like your cards. What a delightful idea!

  2. What a clever idea. So fun and such a special gift!

  3. Beautiful Christmas cards! You are are a fantastic creator.

  4. Thanks for the instruction to spray baste the fabric to paper. I would never have thought of that. I'm going to try making some cards now. Thanks again!

  5. what a great idea. This reminds me that I have such cards hided somewhere in by sewingroom. And as you say unused window cards does not bring any joy anywhere.
    Your blog will still not update every time you are posting...hmmmm ...the bloglines does not come on santas nice list.

  6. Anonymous8:53 am

    Great cards, a really simple idea that is very striking. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Brilliant! The kid and I need to try this. But I need to purchase windowcards first.Thanks for the idea.

  8. Please allow me to correct you. You certainly are an ARTIST, of the first order............

  9. Neat idea, thanks, Hanne!

    Now I'll have to go dig and see what fabric I have for these... lol

  10. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Nydelige kort, Hanne

  11. Very easy to understand, and lovely cards, too!

  12. Great directions. I am glad that you found such a happy use for the internet fabric you got - sometimes my internet purchases leave me scratching my head too (meaning - wondering what to do with them!). Very nice cards!



  13. how pretty! and clever!

  14. What a cute idea. I will have to be on the lookout for window cards next time I am at the craft store. I am thinking that I might find some where they sell scrapbooking supplies? I will let you know. Just beautiful!!!


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