Saturday, January 13, 2007

A baby boy gift

A toiletry purse for a new little baby boy is done.
He is the second grandchild of a friend of mine.
The same friend once gave me the preprinted stitchery that now is on the front of the toiletry purse. It is printed on linen like fabric.
I can not remember exactly what year I got it, but it was when stitchery was very new in Norway and the motifs we could get were quite childish. That was before we could get all those lovely patterns we can get now and before stitchery magazines was imported.
Nowadays we get more choices, and Australian stitchery designers like Bronwyn Hayes and Hatched And Patched and more are available.

The motif is lovely for a small child and it was nice doing it now that I had a receiver in mind. The Flying Geese on the back side are remnants from a curtain I made for a woman at least 12 years back. I made approx. 4 or was it 5 meters of Flying Geese border for the curtain and had some left that have been used for different things. The last of them hit the green outdoor archive aka garbage after this purse was done. There were only a few and all the good colours were used.

The toiletry purse is 11,5" wide and 9,5" high.


  1. What an adorable bag for a little boy. The stitchery is cute. You are doing well on your applique blocks. Keep up the good work.

  2. What a lovely gift Hanne, your work is always just gorgeous!

  3. Darling as usual, Hanne...

  4. Oh such a great bag for the baby! I love the flying geese on the back. And I"m loving your applique blocks!

  5. Anonymous8:33 am

    The toiletry bag is just so cute. I'm glad you like our Australian stitchery designers - they are very talented :-)

  6. A wonderful gift for the new baby and his mother.

  7. It is a perfect gift for a baby boy! I have a little bag that I always keep my Little Boy's medicine (just in case he gets sick, but he never is!), thermometor, nail case, etc. in - very handy just to grab it when we travel and then I am sure to have it.



  8. What an adorable bag! You do beautiful stitch work.


  9. That is so sweet - perfect for a boy baby.

  10. What a great gift. How clever to use a gift to your from the Grandmother. I am positive the the mother will enjoy this bag greatly.

  11. Very cute bag. Perfect for a new baby boy. I'm sure they will greatly appreciate it.

  12. This is so cute with the stitchery on the front! Thanks for the giggle about "green outdoor archive" certainly sounds a lot classier than garbage can, LOL.

    Hope you are feeling okay off your meds--necessary of course, to prep for the surgery but don't need you being miserable till then. Thinking of you daily, Hanne, if I seem to behind in commenting

  13. Your sheep bag is adorable! I have been thinking about doing something with a sheep motif, and I have copied this one for when I eventually put them together.


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