Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Top done

The top is done, the backing pieced with pink fabrics and DD2 and DH have generously helped me with the spray basting,
so now you know what I will be working on tomorrow :-)
The batting is polyester this time, even if I prefer cotton, as I found a piece in my collection.
I am on a roll with the using from collections - fabrics, thread, batting - and today I could free a 8 litre (approx. 2 gallons) box in my fabric collection - Go me :-)
I live in a small house and can not put up more shelves. I really want more room for my quilt books, and if I can keep up using more than I buy I will have more room in my fabrics and books shelves before to long.

Tomorrow is dedicated to machine quilting the princess quilt with meandering.


  1. This is just lovely, Hanne. Congratulations on using up some of the stash!

  2. Så nydelige farger. Blir spennende å se quilten ferdig. Takk for titten. Søt katt foresten.

  3. Very nice Hanne :) Welcome to the Q4P blog ring ;) xoxo melzie

  4. I absolutely love your quilt, Hanne! It is so nice to see it in pastels. Did you send your photo to Judy for the webshots? I didn't see it there yesterday.


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