Tuesday, July 10, 2007

All these thread

The concept of a daily hour or a daily thread moves a project forward before you know it.

Yesterday I moved Leanne's House block # 3 - my fourth LH block - from zero to applique prepping stage in 2 hours and one of my upcoming stitchery class projects 1 hour.

Here you can see how I have been working on putting the Leanne's House blocks together. I try to balance the colours so most of the fabrics are used through the quilt.
This shows you block # 2 and # 3 in the top row. Each unit finish 15".

Now to do the success formula again - at least one hour on LH block and 1 hour on each of 2 class projects.

How much progress can be seen by the end of the day ??


  1. Your blocks are beautiful. Is that a thin sheet of batting behind your project? May Britt explained that to me. I'm just wondering if that will be your batting in the end or if you will be adding more. I just love that pattern. I will agree with you, the key is to schedule time to quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your project is really moving forward...I love it

  3. Prepping the blocks for the project can take longer that the actual stitching. LOL Making sure all the colors are distributed and occasionally second guessing ourselves. LOL Yours is beautiful - I'll have post a picture of three blocks I've almost completed.

    By the way, the coffee pot is on and you're welcome to come have a cup and stitch the day away! ;-)

  4. The blocks are looking so great, I'm anxious to see the whole quilt!

  5. Oh, wow, that's gorgeous! I now can envision the whole thing and your color choices. Might have to get back up the stash room and start pulling again!

    Thanks for showing the blocks together! They're beautiful!


  6. I love the fabrics and the blocks. These are going to make a wonderful quilt. How fun that several of you are making the same quilt.

    I like your scribbler tablet, too.

  7. I love your Leanne's house blocks. Do you use your own fabric for these or are they kits? The scribbler is really cute, too.

  8. looking good....this is such a pretty quilt.........love your scribbler also.....cute stitchery...


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