Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Super busy lovely social 8 days

This has been the 8 most bussy days I have had for a couple of years, visiting, quilt shop shopping, having a visit here at my house, including quilt shop shopping again, and going for a day trip with my inlaws today.

I think I have to divide the days into several posts and I will start with the visit at Sølvi's from Monday to Thursday.
Sølvi has been nugding me for a couple of days now to share my photos :-)

You can also see her photos here and our friend Sigrun's photos here. Sigrun decided to join us and went to Trondheim by train. Both Sigrun and I live in the south east parts of Norway, 30 minutes apart.
It was so great she joined us too, on a short notice :-)

DD2 and I went to Trondheim by 2 x local trains + airplane. We had a nice trip. We arrived Monday afternoon.

Here is where I slept at Sølvi's,right next too her Inspira quilting system.

The day after we arrived Sigrun and I went quilt shop shopping in down town Trondheim. Sølvi joined us after a while.

You can see the bridge where we crossed the river Nidelven which runs through town right behind Sigrun on the first photo. Flowers are planted along the edge on both sides of the bridge - very beautiful. We are not spoiled with summer weather in our part of the country this summer, so we really enjoyed the day with nice weather.

First we visited the shop Jordbærstedet - The Strawberry Place.
We did not take any photos there, but we did use our Visa cards :-)

After Jordbærstedet and crossing the flower bridge we then visited R Sy-Sten (very light shopping!) and as the topping of the whole day we visited Siw at Quiltegården where we used our cards again, and brought home treasures.

Here are Sigrun, Siw (shop owner) and Sølvi, our hostess. Sølvi had shopped for lunch and it was so nice to sit down, eat and chat in this lovely environment :-)

Quiltegården is very high on my favourite quilt shop list and not a shelf or open cupboard went un-inspected. As you see I was very dedicated and I did find a treasure too :-)

Our last quilt shop visit was to Syskrinet, the day after - a small but well stocked shop, full of inspiration and friendliness as well.

Trondheim has more quilt shops than any other town in Norway.
Tomorrow morning, when the light is better, I will share my purchases with you :-)


  1. What a great vacation - I can't wait to hear more!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time- and after being ill for so long, you certainly deserve it!

  3. Wonderful pictures! Can't wait to hear all about everything!

  4. What a wonderful get-away! I'd love to visit those quilt shops someday. It will be fun seeing what new projects you found at the shops.

  5. What a lovely time you must have had, look forward to seeing the photo's of your purchases.

  6. What a nice trip. Trondheim is a very nice city.
    Tell us more! :-)

  7. Turen ga veldig masse vitamin Q så nå har vi masse å gå på utover mørke høstkvelder....:-)))

  8. I just wonder if the customers in this shop is supposed to crawl on the floor - looking for hidden treasures

  9. Wow........ You sure did a lot while you were away. All of it looked delightful. Thanks for sharing.


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