Saturday, August 25, 2007

4-patches on Saturday night - still from cell phone

A lot of patches and a glass of good red wine - life is good :-)


  1. Thank you, Hanne, for posting a picture of your four patches from your cell phone! What kind of phone did you get? I think that's the neatest thing since blogs!

  2. Det blir kjempefine farver på den quilten din. Og som den katten kan å kose seg.

  3. That's my favorite way to quilt - with a glass of wine by my side!

  4. Stilig, - både teppet, mobilbloggingen og at et glass rødvin kan nytes.
    Nyskjerrig på den mobilblogginga...

  5. I love the blocks, and the design you showed a few days ago. That's going to be a great quilt, and looks like it will finish in time, too!

  6. You certainly have your priorities in order for a Saturday night--a glass of wine and your sewing machine! *LOL*


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