Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's hot and lovely - sun break

We are experiencing the best summer days since early June, so a lot of time has been spent outdoors, sitting in the sun, reading a good book, drinking a lot of water, weeding in the garden and just plain enjoying life.

I have moved some projects forward, even if the steps are short - the mouse stitchery is done and is waiting for more work with sewing machine and fabrics.

The sewing angel stitchery is nearly done.

The brown and cream quilt has moved forward, but not as much as I wanted in the first place. It has been to hot to use the iron much.
Tomorrow I will give it double attention, promise. I need the top to be done by Saturday night in order to get it done in good time.

No work has been done on the red and white NI blocks or Leanne's House blocks.

I am prolonging my "deadline" for all these projects one week - a sun break so to say :-)

Weather forecast says this lovely warm weather will end in a couple of days.
Living close to the North Pole we have to take advantage of the warmth and the sun we can get!

I will post some progress photos tomorrow :-)


  1. Can you please send some sun...we have had fog all day and tomorrow it willbe very windy........
    I'm glad I have some knitting and sewing to do ;-)

  2. Enjoy your sunshine!

  3. Enjoy these warm days and keep smiling as you enjoy life. :-)

  4. oh yes, soak in the sun while you can. that is very important. I am jealous - we've been having way too much rain.

  5. You know - early mornings at good for ironing, not to hot,not to noisy to wake up the rest of the family. Have a nice time in the sun - you deserve it.

  6. How wonderful! Enjoy your sunshine. We have a saying in English - May hay while the sun shines. It sounds like that is what you were doing!


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