Thursday, September 27, 2007

Don't do this at home

Most accidents happens at home.

Most accidents happens because you was just doing.....

It is 1.50 am and I am just back from the emergency room by taxi, with both stitches and a thick bandaid.
  • I was just going to get my other pair of glasses.I did not turn on the light in the bedroom because I could see the glasses from the door.

  • I was just going to take the few steps to my night stand, like thousand times before.

  • What I just did not do earlier in the afternoon, before leaving for guild, was to put the 2 plastic boxes with fabrics and open lids back where they belong, after taking out fabric from them. They were between me and the glasses, forgotten, and invisible in the dark.

  • I was just going to finish something I had promised to bring to guild and did not spend the extra 10 seconds putting the boxes away after.

  • I just did not give it another thought before I tripped over the boxes and hit the edge of the sharp plastic lid with my left eyebrow. The eyebrow split, the blood dripped. Luckily I had a friend here who found me paper to press against the cut, wiped the floor and drove me to ER.

The surgeon stitching me up was a nice young lady who told me this was not the most stupid accident so far - how nice of her !

I must admit telling I had tripped over a box with fabrics because I was a quilter in a hurry, and now I was spending hours waiting to be stitched back together occurs to me like an embarrassing story, on my behalf.
Nevertheless - it will be a good party story in quilting circles, don't you think ? :-)

Lesson learned ?
I guess so - as I am not looking good in bandaid, stitches and facial scars of about 1".
Don't leave boxes out where I can trip over them - it is a waste of time and beauty ;-)


  1. Oh you poor thing, I hope you heal quickly.

  2. Ohhh Hanne, what a terrible thing to happen. I hope you heal up nice and fast. Take plenty of time to rest.

  3. Hope you heal fast without a scare!

    Did you get blood on any fabric?

    Take care.

  4. Ouch! Take care of yourself and relax.

  5. turn the lights on........take up and hope it doesn't hurt to much...

  6. Oh Hanne, I'm so glad you weren't hurt worse! You could have knocked yourself out cold if your had and hit your nightstand.

    I can certainly sympathize with you however, as I stupidly thought I could walk from the computer room across the hall into our bedroom in the dark. I was just a little too far to the right for clean passage through the doorway however. I rammed my injured shoulder into the molding on the right part of the doorway. So instead of going to bed I was on the couch holding an ice bag to my shoulder and chewing myself out for being so stupid.

  7. Anonymous8:25 am

    I'm so sorry, Hanne, and I do hope you recover quickly !
    Just to make you smile, I'll tell you what happened to me last Saturday : I went to the veggiescovered market and.... slipped on a sheet of salad on the floor... fell PANG on my (---) OUCH! You should have seen me !LOL
    and this.... JUSt because I was in a hurry.....

    Hugs & smiles !

  8. Ouch, that didn't sound good. I hope you will get better fast :)

  9. Ooooouch.....Hanne, sorry about laughing, but I guess you do that now when you are back to stitching. You are not the only one doing things like this. Like me when I was crawling on the floor needling something, of course the pin box was besides me, the doorbell rang, I jumped up and put my foot down in the needle box. I think about 50 pins was in my foot.....ROFL
    Get well hug to you
    (sorry me laughing)

  10. Ouch! Glad it wasn't any worse! Yes, your story will be a great one at the next quilting circle meeting! Hope it heals nicely!

  11. Ouch... My friend broke her leg because she left blocks in baggies on her steps...

  12. Oh dear Hanne - I'm so sorry to hear of your accident. Hope you heal quickly and don't suffer with too much of a headache. Take care.

  13. Uff så uheldig du var. God bedring - dette hørtes ikke godt ut. Og det er aldri lurt å ha det travelt...

  14. OUCHIE! Thank goodness your friend was there with you! You'll have a headache for a few days!

    I have to ask - did you get any blood on your fabric? LOL

  15. Hanne, I'm so sorry to read about your visit to the ER. I hope you are not in much pain and will heal quickly without scarring. I should be falling day and night with the things I have left on the floor all over the place. Going to pick up now.....

  16. Oh bummer! I am glad they got you all stitched up and I pray it'll heal up quickly and completely. (hugs!)

  17. Ouch, ouch, know the old saying "a stitch in time saves nine..." You are so lucky it wasn't worse.....take good care of yourself!!!

  18. Nothing like a good "war" wound to show off at guild meetings! Hope you are feeling better soon and that the scar isn't too big.


  19. Oh oh ohhh I hope you will recover soon! I could have been fallen too.. it is me who always leave stuff around what actually have to be clean up ..

  20. Ouch, ouch, ouch .... get well soon!

  21. Oh, honey, I hope you feel much better by now. Your list is a good one for all of us to remember. I tripped over a pair of my ex's shoes in the dark and shattered my shoulder. A shoulder replacement later, you can bet I turn on lights every time before entering a room!


  22. Uff dette så ikke godt ut, men det skal mere enn en plastboks med stoff for å ta knekken på deg:-))) så nå får du pleie deg selv godt. Du har vært ute en vinterdag(høstdag) før du. Klem fra Sigrun

  23. God! What happened to you Hanne? I'm shocked at first when seeing the photos -sorry been a little late because of my busy schedule. Hope by today all is going well for you, my best wishes to you on the right way..

  24. Stakkar! Tøy er farlige saker det.. Flott du ikke har fått noen varige men. Og så bra du ikke måtte ha lappen over øyet, tøyskjæring med bare et øye kunne fort blitt enda mer skummelt ;)

  25. Hopefully you're feeling a little better now. I'm always paranoid about keeping pathways clear even when I have other things laying around. I think it's from one of my previous jobs where I was exposed to a lot of safety information in Health Care facilities.

  26. Poor you! I hope that you feel better soon!


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