Thursday, October 25, 2007

Another lovely day

A lovely day have been had by us in Elverum, at May Britt's.

I have spent time in one of my 3 favourite quilt shops, Lille Stasjon (Little Station), picking fabrics for the border of my Leanne's House.
Since I bought most of the fabrics for the quilt there too, it was not difficult to match.
3 times 12", full width, was the catch, to make into a simple divided border.

A good friend of May Britt's came for dinner, and after, we attended the local quilt guild meeting. I gave a short inspiration speech on making quilts for children with long term diseases.
I was asked today, so I had not brought any quilts, but as the guild plan a sew-together in the future I plan to attend if I can :-)

We have enjoyed some quiet hours after the meeting, with wine in glasses, some hand applique and a lot of chatting.

Tomorrow we are going back to Trysil to attend another class with Leanne and see her trunk show again.
Dinner is already prepped - lasagna day 2 + wine - perfect quilter's dinner :-)

Now it is time for bed, and tomorrow is another lovely day !

The photo is from May Britt's living room wall, by cell phone. Isn't it a gorgeous quilt ? Block size 4".


  1. It all sounds so wonderful....sleep well and enjoy your day tomorrow. :)

  2. You really are having a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing!

  3. yes wonderful quilt!!

  4. We are all enjoying reading about your fun adventures there!


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