Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday progress

The cold / flu that has been bothering this house the last 2 weeks is leaving - and energy and creativity is again increasing ! Yes !!

Saturday evening I finished Leanne's House block # 3, top row right, and block #9 is now ready to get the stitchery marked.

If I was starting this quilt now I think I would have dropped the batting and used a layer of muslin behind the pieces with stitchery instead.
I am Not looking forward to join the blocks.

I am teaching stitchery this evening, but tomorrow is another day, and I think I will try to join 2 blocks, just to get the nerve out of it. I know so well how to do it, so I guess this is just an attack of stage nerves.

I think I will try to piece another block this week so I have something to grab when I sit down watching TV in the evenings.

Ouch - I can see now that block # 9 has to have a seam redone - the top half of the block should have been the bottom half. The heart in the corner will be mis-located if not.
I love it when I can spot a mistake before it is to late !! :-)


  1. You may not be looking forward to joining them, but they are absolutely beautiful! I think once you get started joining them it won't be so bad!

  2. They are looking wonderful Hanne. I must admit I prefer to use muslin behind my stitchery, so much easier to join. You'll be extremely happy with the outcome once you have them joined, the batting gives them a more detailed look.

  3. They are looking really nice! I loving seeing the progress on many Leanne's House quilts throughout the blogosphere.

  4. Great pieces. Love your colors.

  5. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Oh, Hanne, you're doing such a beautiful job !
    Actually - silly/naïve as I am - I would have thought you stitched first, and then made the complete block, adding the different fabrics !
    How I'd LOVE to be in one of your classes ! (I'm telling the same to May Britt, by the way : both of you are so much talented)....

    How about a nice tutorial on your Blog ??? Seriously, I think MANY among us would be so very happy with it !
    Well.... that's what I'm ordering Santa Claus ! - Smiles -

    Hugs & smiles to you,

  6. That is such a lovely project. I have been wondering about the join. I will be watching to see how well it goes.

  7. I love this quilt. It is coming out beautifuly. I can't wait to see it all finished


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