Monday, October 22, 2007

A smile says it all

With permission from May Britt I just had to have this photo on my blog as well.
I hope Leanne enjoys her stay in Trondheim today!
We are looking forward to meet you again very soon :-)


  1. How wonderful... Remember every second....

  2. Definately agree with you: Dear Leanne has got a ''very nice & warm'' smiling style! I say ''style'' because even from miles away that I can feel her warm personality:) Not everyone could have got a smile as warm as she does.
    How nice to see that you all had an enjoyable fruitful time with her.

  3. You all look so happy but then why wouldn't you be. :) What a wonderful experience....

  4. Looks like you had lots of fun! I'm sure it was great to meet someone you admire so much.

  5. Looks like all three of you had a wonderful time! I'm in her Thursday class- can't wait to meet her :) Have fun tomorrow!

  6. Anonymous2:19 pm

    What a great chance to meet Leanne and her quilts !!! I hope that , one day, she will visit France ;-)

    ps: I discovered your blog on Leanne's blog

  7. God tur til Trysil. Misunnelig jeg - bare bittelitt. Kos deg masse og fyll på med vitamin Q i store mengder.

  8. How true is that! You all look like you are having the very best time which I'm certain is the case.


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