Tuesday, November 13, 2007

3 quilts to 1 mailing box

The string quilts I have made through the autumn are sent to children with long term diseased through the Norwegian Quilt Association.
I hope they can bring comfort to the children and their families!

A nice way to use from and organize my fabric collection :-)

Come 2008 I will keep on keeping on making more string quilts for this cause. It is a double joy to bring comfort to someone by making quilts for them.


  1. So kind of you! I'm sure some children will be very happy when they receive your lovely quilts.

  2. Anonymous9:51 pm

    So lovely and generous, Hanne ! To think that these bright quilts will bring sunshine and warmth into those children's life, is sooo comforting.


  3. My Mom always says when you do something good it comes back to you three-fold. I know it's not about getting, but how wonderful your gifts will be to others... and if happiness comes back to you...how great...

  4. They will love them!!!

  5. Some lucky kids out there are going to be very warm in these lovely blankets. I like the pictures of the quilt show. I really like seeing your hung with the others.

  6. I know those children who receive your quilts will be thrilled. What a kind thing for you to do.

  7. You are such a great person for doing this. I am sure that the children that receive them will get such great comfort. They are beautiful.

  8. thats really sweet of you im sure your quilts will give comfort to the sick childern

  9. The quilts are beautiful and the sick children will be so comforted by them. How sweet of you to selflessly share your talent!

  10. It's so nice to see them stacked up ready to be shipped. I'm sure they'll bring happiness and comfort to the children that receive them.

  11. Great!!!
    You're a very special person!
    I hope these quilts will bring a lot of love and happiness to the children.
    Me too, I do quilts for children ...


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