Saturday, November 17, 2007

A cute moment

My beloved grandcat honoured me with her company on the sewing table this afternoon. It does not happen as often as before these days.
I was working on the hand applique on Leanne's Friendship Basket and my furry friend got frequent belly rubs, on request.
She made room for herself by moving the fabrics from my table with her nose - to cute and irresistible :-)


  1. Yes it is a cute moment.Right now my cat is next to my computer, sleeping under the desk lamp :)

  2. That cat has an attitude (I don't know if its the right word).....It's a cute cat, I have had the pleasure to have met her :-)
    I even think she liked me ;-)

  3. I love those furry friends that picks their cozy spots and friends!

    I'm a cat friendly person, can't you tell?

    But, as you cat-lovers and cat-knowers know: a cat picks its family. Not the other way around!!

  4. what a sweet kitty! I just admire your stitcheries so much Hanne..all of them are so beautiful !!

  5. My helper is a dog, who tests out all the quilts to make sure the are fit for human use...


  6. I love a cat with personality. I haven't had a cat in a few years, doesn't fit our traveling lifestyle, but I miss it a bit.

  7. Lovely to see Hanne. I’m familiar with this behaviour. My cat always wants to sit on my right when I’m knitting and he likes to take the yearn in his prawns to let it slip through!

  8. Your grandcat is sooooo cute. Will he be there on thursday when I visit you????
    I have only one sentence left on my friendship basket. Then I start handquilting it. May be I'll bring it on thursday. See you then.

  9. Definitely an adorable moment not to be missed. Thanks for sharing your cat with us.

  10. Awww, I love kitty bellies.

  11. Your cat reminds me of my Flossie - she does the same thing to me when I'm sewing. When she gets bored she tries to grab the thread as it spins round and round.
    (I didn't realise you had a blog until today - silly me.)
    Lyn - Moore Patchwork and Quilting


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