Friday, December 28, 2007

50 down, 48 to go

This is my Nearly Insane block # 50, finished yesterday
It is divided because this quilt is on point, with half square blocks around the edge.

Only 48 to go !

I am aiming at an average of 1 block a day through January.

I have started the next block but I think I have to go for a simpler one to get my day by day count right.
I can continue with the harder one tomorrow. Maybe I can finish it then.

If I show you Reiko's quilt again, are you tempted to give it a try too ? :-)


  1. I have seen all your blocks and it's going to be a lovely quilt. So keep on making blocks. I know you will finish all of them in time. I have started to collect red and white fabrics, but start on this one...........I really don't know......think I will make an easier one.

  2. I understand why you started this quilt, it is absolutely beautiful!!
    Wish you luck with the rest of your blocks.

  3. I am so happy you are back onto these blocks........I just love them and they look so effective in the red and white.........

  4. wow, what a beauty this will be. Thanks for posting a link to the nearly insane website. This will be put on my wishlist of quilts to make. Love the red and white fabrics. Hope to see more pictures of the quilt under construction.

  5. Most definitely - one of these days LOL!

  6. OMG I wish you luck - I would never attempt a quilt like that.

  7. Your blocks are just beautiful Hanne. You're more than halfway done now, it'll fly by from here!

  8. OMGosh - such determination you have. I also checked out the other quilt - more OMGosh. Just gorgeous! Keep a'goin'!!!

  9. Hanne, your quilt will be beautiful, and Reiko's is gorgeous, as well, but no, it doesn't tempt me. =) If I ever were going to drive myself insane this way, red and white would be a beautiful way to do it.

  10. Å det er så flotte stoffer i den quilten. Gjetter på at den må være veldig koselig å jobbe med.

  11. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Your quilt will be awesome ! You will finish it in 2008, i'm sure !
    I have started a Ni too, but I have only...3 blocks !!!

    Happy new year !


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