Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The morning after

Blessed moments feeds the soul.
The morning moments are important in my book - I let the body and the mind wake up and the thoughts wander.
Today is no exception, even if you see the moment is a little dressed up with my favourite Christmas decorations - the crystal Nisse children.

I got a new mug from DD1 since I first wore out the decorations on the mug from last year and later had a mishap and broke it.
Put on the lovely little placemat from Nancy, with a Christmas cookie on the side and new stitchery from May Britt, new floss, and new scissors - what else can a stitcher possibly need ? :-)


  1. Enjoy your day today Hanne. You sure have all the ingredients!

  2. Enjoy first christmas day. I've not done a single stitch yet. But I guess I'll do it later this evening. Hope do do some blogging too of all my beautiful christmaspresents :) Two souls one thought......I love the stitchery I got from you :)

  3. What a beautiful way to start the day. You are set for an incredible day. Enjoy!

  4. I love the little stitchery. I think that was a great way to start the day. Hope the rest of the day was as peaceful and you had fun.

  5. Heldiggris! Dette var koselige gaver. Nyskjerrigper lurer på hvilket merke det er på brodergarnet og hvor mange tråder du syr med i nålen? Har du prøvd å brodere med den tykkeste til Günterman også? Og om du har, liker du å brodere med den?
    Ha fortsatt fine juledager!

  6. Heldige du som kan kose deg med slike gode minner i kaffestundene framover også.

  7. Such a lovely way to start the day. And that placemat is great!

  8. What a lovely setting to start the day and what a nice mug. I buy mugs when I travel and then each morning choose one for my tea reminding me of wonderful trips we've had.

  9. Så koselig morgenstund.Med kaffe, pepperkaker og sytøy. Kos deg, snart er det andre boller.


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