Saturday, December 29, 2007

Saturday NI block

Saturday NI block is done :-)

I think I will start on the next block, as it looks like sewing time tomorrow will be limited.

My father in law is moved to a nursing facility, in his last stage of life, and we are taking turns with DH's brother and his wife to sit with mother in law when she is there with him.


  1. You are really moving along on your blocks. They are all gorgeous.

    I'm sending prayers to you and your family as you spend time with your FIL.

  2. Anonymous6:42 am

    "And another one bites the dust !"
    BRAVO, Hanne !

    I'm sorry for your father in law, and forthe family... These are difficult times, indeed. We are living the same with my in-laws, both in a critical situation, and I know how painful this can be.
    I'm with you.

    ((HUGS)) to you !

  3. Some persistence on the blocks!
    Sorry to read about your father-in-law. It will a be a difficult time for all of you, especially your mother-in-law! My thoughts are with your family.

  4. Synd å høyre om sjukdom i familien!
    Du syr så vakre blokker. Har du tenkt å lage "tutorials" på desse blokkene, sidan det ikkje er sybeskrivelse i boka?
    Diett-linken din for 2008 er ikkje klikkbar, skal den vere det?
    Her har det vore ei veldig travel jul, så det har ikkje blitt verken sying eller blogging for min del. Ha ei god nyttårshelg!

  5. Enda en nydelig blokk fra ditt syrom... Kjempelekker denne også!
    Leit å lese om din svigerfar... tja, det er dessverre livets gang... Tenker på deg i denne tunge tiden.

  6. Så flott blokk!! Gleder meg til å se flere. Så synd med svigerfaren din, og så bra at han har familie som kan være der!!
    Ser du har begynt nedtellingen til den STORE reisen - hvordan går det med "stoff-slankingen" når du kommer til quilte-paradiset både med utvalg og priser tro??
    Godt nytt år fra Lise

  7. Hanne my thoughts and prayers are with you, we went through the same with my dad and mother in law. We are there for support through the birth, and it is great to be there through the end of life too although it is so hard. May God guide you through this tough time.

  8. Hanne, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. It's a very difficult time for you, I know. Keeping busy making those gorgeous NI blocks is good therapy. That project is one of my favorites and I love watching your numbers go up and up. It will be such a beautiful quilt.


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