Thursday, January 10, 2008

2008 restarted

Grief and joy go hand in hand through life, and without one the other will not be whole either.

Today is dear father in law's funeral day, and tears and smiles has been present - tears of grief and smiles of happy memories from times gone by, shared with family and friends of our family.

Creatively I am restarting 2008 and I am sure you know what I mean :-)

I don't have many resolutions for 2008, but a few are on my list:
  • I will use my favourite perfume every day.
  • I will find moments of flow every day - the moments that gives joy and peace in mind.
  • I will enjoy my daily thread(s).
  • I will use more fabrics than I buy.

I am very behind on mails and comments, but promise to catch up before long!

I have enjoyed many blogs without leaving many comments lately. I will stop by again very soon and let you know I did so :-)

I see I have been awarded with a very very nice blog award - Thank You! - I will blog about it later, when I have picked the ones I will award - or maybe I can award even more blogs when I have been rewarded more than once ? :-)

I think I will enjoy some sewing now - see you again soon :-)


  1. My thoughts are with you at this sad time. Take care

  2. Oh dear - I am so sorry for this sad day for you.

  3. Thoughts and hugs to you and your family.


  4. I think one of the best tributes I could ask for would be for people to have those happy memories and share them with one another.

    Your restart sounds excellent.

  5. You got great goals for 2008. And now you restart this year. I know it will be great!! Big hugs from me.

  6. I hope all your 'resolutions' for the new year are fulfilled! very inspirational (I especially like the last one...)

  7. Prayer for you and your family today.It's tough on husbands-- losing their Dads. From experience, he may seem a little lost for a while.It's just not something they get over easily..... You'll stay in my prayers.

  8. Fant denne og tenkte på deg :
    Dikt i HildeS blog


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