Monday, January 21, 2008

Busy Monday

Today's NI block was not on my favourite list - it has inset seams, and by machine they are not very easy.

I know they are supposed to be easy by hand though, but I am not a hand sewing fan really - yet.

This is # 1 of 3 NI blocks with inset seams - the next is fairly like this one, a tad harder, but the last one I am sure I will procrastinate to the last minute. On a scale up to 10, it looks like a 12, 4 x 45 degrees stars + sashing in a 6" block.

My block turned out to my satisfaction though and I am one block closer to be finished :-)

I am about to make myself a new toiletry purse. Not that there is anything wrong with the black one - not at all - it is in use for teaching purposes and I need one to use for sleepovers and travels this spring!
I am teaching bags and purses at the moment, starting today, and I think it is great fun.

Does this woman use red in every item these days ??
I guess I more or less do :-)
I think I get energy from red these days - it is my power colour,
and red makes me smile - red roses, red hearts, red lipstick, red fabrics, redwork.
I did not tell you I found a lovely red thin knitted jacket on sale today ? I think I look very good in red :-)

What is your power colour ?


  1. Hanne, you have done it again WOW.

    My power colour........lilac and limegreen....just see my blog :-)

  2. Another gorgeous block and what a lovely toiletry purse! Enjoy the teaching - I'm sure your students will gain plenty of knowledge and inspiration from you.

  3. The block is so well done. My power colour is also red, but it is also orange and yellow.
    Look like you on the red wave now.

  4. Your block looks perfect to me!!! And amazing you've done this on the machine - would definitely have hand stitched that one!

    Power colour? I'm in yet another blue fase :o)

  5. Mine is red too, and blue also.

  6. The block looks beautifull. My powercolor is red and browns.

  7. Red is a wonderful color. I especially like it with purple.

  8. Love your blocks, all of them. I don't know what is my power color, I love pink, use lots of green, and red is supposed to be it!


  9. I don't know if it's a power color but I use lots of blue although I like some red with my blue!

    In my scrap quilts I always try to add a little extra red in the blocks but usually end up with blue borders.

    I do very little hand piecing but I think I might try it for a block like this.

  10. To make this block is not a piece of cake but the result is gorgeous. I love to follow your red mood :)

  11. Your days have been incredibly productive, Hanne! :-)

    My power color is also red but blue runs a very close second.

  12. omg Hanne you have been so busy........I love all the blocks I am catching up on lost of your many more do you have to make now????


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