Friday, January 04, 2008

Small blocks and small steps

In order to be able to finish the NI quilt blocks by the end of January I have to finish an average of 1,5 blocks a day.
Without spelling it out in capital letters - I am behind...... by 4 blocks now, but I will catch up - promise, promise :-)

January 4th is dear father in law's birthday - the first without him present. That feels strange for us all, and we are missing him a lot today.
His funeral will be Thursday upcoming week, plus moving of his body from the nursing facility to the ceremony place on Monday. A small sermon on Monday and The Sermon on Thursday.

My father in law liked my sewing a lot and today I have thought about him a lot while sewing.

He was very skilled with the embroidery needle himself - doing miniature cross stitches, embroidering National costumes shirts, both for sale and for his female grandchildren, a hobby he took up when he became a senior citizen.
I got the rest of his embroidery floss some months back and will use it in stitchery, with love.

To all that have left comforting comments to me and my family, both on the blog and by mail:
Thank You Ever So Much.
We are very touched by the outpouring of love and care from known and unknown friends.


  1. Koselig å høre at du har så gode minner om svigerfar. Blokkene dine blir flotte - dette går bra.

  2. How wonderful your father-in-law worked with needle and thread and that you have got his embroidery floss now. Your blocks look wonderful! Take care!

  3. Wonderful!!! You go very fast!!!

  4. Blokkene blir fine, du blir ferdig med teppe i tide. Vet du, du har navndag i dag, gratulerer med dagen Hanne.

  5. Gode dager ønskes deg Hanne!!

  6. Blokkene ser flotte ut og jeg er sikker på at du fikser utfordringen din.

  7. Sorry for your loss Leanne........... have many memories in your mind and in your heart ............and this is beautiful.
    ciao ciao


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