Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tuesday and Wednesday blocks

Step by step I am getting closer to the end - approx. 3 weeks more - just in case you are bored stiff by my red and white blocks now.

I am not bored yet, but I have a gazillion new projects spinning in my head - from stash off course :-)


  1. Not bored at all!

    I love to see each block as it is done. It is looking fabulous.

    I'm drawn towards trying a similar two-colour quilt with lots of detailed blocks. But I have a few WIPs to advance before I can start anything new.

  2. Nope, not bored! *lol* Your blocks are looking so great! And you really are keeping on track with these! Have fun with the rest of them, and keep us posted :o)
    Take care! And see you soon?

  3. It will be different to see something that is not red and white, but I am not bored at all.

  4. I love seeing your blocks they are beautiful. Red is one of my favorite colors. I really can't wait to see how this all looks when put together.

  5. Du har noen nyderlige blokker i rødt, elsker å følge med på utviklingen av nye blokker.
    Ser ut som om du hsr fått tid til en jentedag også, din heldiggris he he ....


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