Friday, February 22, 2008

An Insane Block

This block is terrible and the first block in this quilt that I don't like.

I have used the whole day and the whole evening to get the block right and to the right size, 6 ", and it annoys me that the block in itself is very strange.
Just look at the 9 patch in the middle. The pieces are not of the same size, and that is how the pattern is.
The borders are strange too........

Well, now it is done and I will not worry about it anymore :-)

This is the block with the second most pieces - 181.
I am not looking forward to the most piece intensive block, but it will have to be done very soon. At least it looks good.

6 more blocks to go.

Tomorrow I will take a day off from these block I think.
Time will tell :-)


  1. Oh yes I can understand your frustration, a very strange block. I wonder what this lady has been up to constructing it... I admire your perceverance!

  2. At least you are almost finished with these blocks. I'm sure you can't wait to have it finished, it is beautiful!!!! I love red!!!

    I just ordered the Civil War Diary book last night, I can't wait to start it...

  3. Oh man - I can't believe this block! It's nice though! Wonky, but by design, and nice!

  4. For an insane block you have done a brilliant job...

  5. I ordered my Civil War Diary Quilt book today and joined the ring. I can't wait until my book arrives! Your blocks are looking great - the CW ones and the NI = wow!

  6. The whole quilt could have taken its name from this block--I can't believe how many small pieces are in it. Good work!

  7. Yeah it is really an insane block, but it will look lovely when the whole quilt is finished.

  8. I think Salinda must be having a bad week that week when she made this block!
    it is beautiful and what an accomplishment...

  9. It will look just fine when it's put together with the others. This must be the "I wonder" block - I wonder what in the world she was thinking when she made this block!

  10. Godt med det som er unnagjort. Hun må ha hatt mye annet å tenke på mens hun sydde originalen ;-)

  11. Oh I think it looks wonderful! You have more patience than I!

  12. I have the book, but I love your red and white colouring more than the one on the book cover.


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