Saturday, February 09, 2008

Saturday block

152 pieces and the 3rd on the list of most pieces to the block.
The worst has more than 200 pieces and a gazillion half square triangles. No wonder the quilt is named Nearly Insane. The challenge must have been to put the most pieces into a 6" block ;-)

More rows joined - now from the top left corner. For each block I finish I get to work on the rows. Great motivator!

A little NI trivia, on request:

The blocks are from the book Nearly Insane, by Liz Lois.
She has a website -
The original quilt is made by Salinda Rupp in 1870

My inspiration site is Reiko's, from Japan, and her lovely quilt in red and white.

Here is a good site for purchasing the book if you can't get it in your local shop:
No affiliation + +

The Nearly Insane quilt has its own group on Yahoo, if you are interested. Last time I checked it was quite quiet, and I am not a member anymore, but you can find info in their files, amongst them, an EQ5/6 computer file. Search Yahoo for the specific group address.

I foundation paper piece most of my blocks, drawn on freezer paper.
Not all the blocks are symmetric or logical in their construction. I just make the block as they are shown in the book, and am not questioning the position of some of the items in a block - I just flow along and enjoy the trip :-)
I like sampler quilts and I especially enjoy the quilts from the CW period.


  1. Wow! Your quilt is coming along beautifully!

  2. This is pretty impressive. The ''nearly insane'' quilt is going to be wonderful. I might just pop over to see how much it will cost to purchase the book ;)

  3. It's so tempting to start making NI, but............. perhaps we find another BIG project we can start together when your's is done.

  4. The NI blocks are stunning Hanne!! The quilt is coming together so wonderfully! Thanks for the links.

  5. Thanks for sharing about the Nearly Insane quilt. I clicked on the Reiko link and just went 'WOW'. I can see why you have to make it. Yours is going to be just as gorgeous. Keep stitching.

  6. Thanks for sharing Reiko's version. I can see why you were inspired! I have enjoyed seeing this project 1 block at a time.

  7. Dette ser kjempelekkert ut!
    Jammen er du flittig og flink!

  8. This is truly a beatiful quilt and I have enjoyed the ride. I will come again and see more..

  9. Your quilt is beautiful. I'm imagining it all put together, and you will really have something special. That block would drive me insane, that's for sure! =)

  10. is gorgeous!

    I bow down to your patience and persistence! I could never in a million years do this project!

  11. You have been tagged. Please visit my blog for further information.

    I just love to see how your NI quilt grows and the fact that you are doing it in reds and whites :)

  12. For en jobb Hanne. Gleder meg til å se det ferdig på Vis og Fortell Du er dyktig.


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