Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hanne's Easter Challenge

I enjoy a challenge, both by myself and with others, so if you are up to an Easter Challenge, feel free to join :-)
If you are, name and claim something that you want to move forward through the Easter week.

Earlier this winter I joined a Lent challenge, on a list I am on, with my friend Tilde.
One of the criterias was to not start any new projects through the 40 days of Lent.
Not very easy really, not now, when I am done with my NI quilt top.
I am really looking forward to do the Civil War Diary blocks, but I have decided that the waiting will just add to the pleasure.

No one will come after me if I do not make it through the Lent challenge, but it is sort of a mental personal challenge to keep on for the last days through Easter Day.
It is good for the pile of unfinished objects too, even if my pile is not very high anymore.

My Leanne's House quilt has been in hiatus for a long time, so now it is time to dig it out and finish the last 3 blocks. All are pieced, even if block # 7 lacks a few seams.
  • One (block # 9) lacks now, after one day of doing the rest of the stitchery, an appliqued heart.
  • One (block # 8) lacks all the stitchery + 3 appliqued hearts
  • The last one (block # 7) lacks all the applique, which is the main decoration on that block + the stitchery.
My newly hatched plan is to have to top all joined and ready for hand quilting when we go to Shipshewana in 3,5 weeks!
I have promised myself to keep my hands off the Butterfly Garden BOM kits until the Leanne's House blocks are done.
It takes some backbone indeed ! The Butterfly Garden kits are lovely. I now have 2 here waiting for me.

Project # 2 is the scissors keeper for the sewing bag set

Project # 3 is the tote I have already talked about a couple of times ;-)

If, by any luck, I should finish all these 3 projects before the end of Easter, then I will find something else to work on, promise :-)


  1. I understand self challenges - I love to do that, too. I'll be anxiously waiting to see your completed Leanne's House project.

  2. I'm in......Easter challenge for me will be to make at least one or two toiletpurses. And you know I have prepared 3 new blocks on my Gail stitching angels. And I have to finish the pincushion I got from Nadine

  3. Hi, Hanne! Have a wonderful time in Shipshewana!! Karen

  4. Oh, I wish we were going to be going to SD soon - I'd run over and meet you in Illinois! It's only about 800 miles, give or take a few. =)

    My best friend bought the butterfly one from Leanne's and is having such a good time working on it. I like the house one, but I'm doing one from Rose, so I won't let myself invest more money in another one.


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