Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Name and Claim

Monday morning, and I thought it would be nice with some finishes again. I challenged myself to work on these 3 project for 3 days.

When I challenged myself I had already made the blue backing for a tote with stitchery front.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I made this makeup / necessities purse. It is 7" wide and 8" high, with inside pockets.
The stitchery is my own drawing and the text is from a well known Norwegian song. One of the verses is about putting strawberries on a straw. Ta et strå = take a straw.

Today I put the final touches to the sewing bag from Nancy's class 10 days ago.
I have used it to a guild meeting today, and it has room for all that I need.
The interior is very clever and organized.
If you want to get in touch with Nancy for a class, here is her mail address.
Nancy is a very nice teacher :-)


  1. Hanne, I will try to blow some of the weather your way.....

    Your sewing-bag is so cute, and the other N&C looks nice too, looking forward to see what your are doing with the angle.......The make-up purse was cute too

  2. Oh my, such pretty little stitcheries. Lovely!

  3. Your little make up bag is just so nice....

  4. Kjempeflott syveske - den kommer du til å få mye glede av. OG den "ta ett strå" av jo søt da.

  5. You are still doing red I see LOL
    Your sewingbag is georgious and I know you're going to love it.

  6. Anonymous1:35 am

    Hello Hanne!!!
    Uau!!! Is beautifull your blog and your works!!! Congratulations!!!

  7. Great organizer. Would love to see the cool interior.

  8. wow both bags are very, very cute your work is beautiful

  9. Your sewing bag is very very cute!!!!....Let us see the interior...please!!!
    Congrats for your work Hanne!!!!


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