Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Life in the (to) fast lane....

This last week has been like driving a race in the fast lane, and I have not even had time to unpack my new fabrics and other treasures before today.

Here is what I bought in USA and Canada, fabric wise, from Yoder Dept. Store and Lolly's fabrics in Shipshewana + Quilty Pleasures and The Running Stitch in Canada.

My shopping plan for the trip was to stock up on Civil War Repros and Jo Morton Fabrics, and you can see I have stuck to my plan, mostly :-)
I have plans for 3 of the 4 bundles of fat quarters too.

I have also about 3/4 of a bolt of high quality muslin as well - approx 30 yards, to use for blocks off course.
You know I am a block addict, right ? :-) The Ecology Cloth muslin is great for stitchery too.

As you know we returned from The Trip on Wednesday afternoon a week ago.

  • Wednesday evening it was guild meeting locally, and it was a joy to attend, as usual. It was better to go there than to fall asleep in a chair to early. Nearly 24 hours without sleep...... I say no more......
  • Thursday I had a birthday lunch with 2 friends and spent the evening doing the last prep work for a weekend class.
  • Friday I was teaching, from 6 pm - 10 pm - topic: Log Cabin variations.
  • Saturday was busy with a friend staying the weekend, Friday to Sunday, attending the class. I also added some work to my class handouts, and made a few more sample blocks.
  • Sunday was teaching again, from 10 am - 4 pm, Log Cabin variations continued.
  • Monday was teaching 6 pm - 9 pm, Kaleidoscope, last evening, moved due to renovation, from 31. March.
  • Yesterday I planned to sew, but the best laid plans and all that....... Did I mention I had a looong nap in the recliner?

Add jet lag, a ton of laundry, catching up with everyday life and all - it has been some week.....

I am happy to be back with you - see you again soon :-)


  1. Velkommen back...glad you had a good trip and are safely home. Looking forward to hear more about your travels and see some pictures, too!

  2. Velkommen hjem - og så koselige stoffer du har kjøpt!
    Travelt? Ja, dette var MYE...
    Kanskje til-og-med mer enn slik som vi "utearbeidende" har det på hverdager...
    AT du orker....

  3. Wow! What a busy week since you got might need another holiday to relax! You brought some very yummy goodies back with you!

  4. Looks like great treasures-- You pick wonderful fabrics....Sounds like a life of fun....If it slows down too much it stops...You are having way too much fun for that.

  5. Your weekend have been fully booked I see. Take a few deep breaths.......

  6. I hope you have landed now and have energy to friday. I am tiding up in the storhouse tomorrow getting ready for your coming :_) See you!

  7. wow love your shooping bundle.....I am sure you will have all that muslin made un into stitcheries in no time at all.......take is easy......


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