Friday, May 09, 2008

Inspiration IV

Nothing is like new quilting books :-)

One of the things that really added to my travel experience was ordering the Civil War Love Letter book from Rosemary Youngs in advance and meet her in person :-)
Rosemary is a lovely person with a very pleasant personality.
I am really looking forward to meet you again Rosemary!
I also bought the EQ file to go with the book.

If you like history and quilts from the Civil War period, Rosemary's books are The Very Best - patterns, letters and diary notes combined.
If you are not into block sewing these books goes well as coffee table books as well!

I also had the great pleasure of meeting Janis Nelson and Edith Shanholt, the authors of Shipshewana Blessings. The quilt from the book is gorgeous!

The Jo Morton booklet Timeless was to cute to pass - that is my words and I am sticking to them :-)

When in the paper department, here is the patterns I bought.

For the observant viewer, 8 of 10 patterns is from Laundry Basket Quilts. They are just my taste!

If you remember from the fabric photo, one of my bundles of fabrics is for the Broken Star quilt and another for the Dresden Star quilt.
I am very much looking forward to do them both :-)


  1. WOW...clever girl. You done some wonderful shopping. Some of the patterns are soooooooooo beautiful.

  2. You made very careful and thoughtful purchases - everything will work together so nicely! Great job!!! You are going to have some lovely projects to work on!


  3. Anonymous8:41 am

    Oh my !! So many patterns !!! And so lovely !!

  4. Anonymous10:26 am

    Gorgeous patterns, indeed ! :>)
    I've got that Shipshewana book pattern, and will sure make it some day... (still collecting those bright, plain Amish fabrics)

    You'll enjoy all of them, I'm sure!

    Hugs & smiles to you, Hannne,


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