Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The little things

Love delights in the little things and I delights in the small steps and daily threads.
Quilts are made one seam at a time :-)

The stitchery was in my travel bag when flying overseas in April. I finished it the other day.

Many seams are made today, and as you see, I am making progress on the Town and City quilt !
Now I am lacking only 15" to the bottom - 3 rows with flowers and fences. The fences are done, so I am 6 flowers with stems and leaves from finish.
Maybe I can finish the top through the weekend ?

Now I will cut and join the binding for the Nearly Insane quilt. I want to have the quilt finished by Wednesday next week, for my local guild meeting.


  1. Dette teppet blir spennende!

  2. Well done, Hanne! Soon the Town and City top will be finished.
    The tiny bit of stitchery is lovely!
    Susan in ON

  3. Your "Town and City" is so nice, and i love the stitchery....

  4. Heia
    Flott stitheri du har laga :-)
    Her styra vi til karolines konfirmasjon - og lite tid til sy sysler - men det kommer vel roligere dager
    Smil fra monika

  5. Flott by du har "bygd" deg!
    Kanskje varmere der enn der du bor på "orn'tli"...Synd med blomsten som frøs ihjel...Men nå velger jeg å tro på mildere vær!

  6. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Such a cuuuute stitchery indeed, Hanne ! And I just love your village quilt :>)

    THANKS for your kind comment on my blog ---> couldn't answer it, as I'm experiencing some problems with my mailbox. But you know how much I appreciate your always encouraging comments.

    Big ((HUGS)) & smiles to-you !


    ps :LOVE also your DD 's picture with the quilt :>)

  7. Beautiful stitchery...just love the Town and City quilt..

  8. The stitchery is lovely - another purse on it's way here? :o)

    Your city looks great so far, Hanne! Hope you get some more done on it this weekend! ...but remember that binding on the NI by Wednesday *lol*

    Have a great weekend! Hugs...


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