Monday, May 12, 2008

Small steps forward

Monday morning - 2nd day of Pentecost - an official red day in Norway.

I dedicated May to finish projects already started.

Yesterday I reached goal # 1 -
I finished all the stitchery for the before mentioned Advent calendar.

I saved this project for my USA-Canada travel and I finished the main motif there, as well as a few of the small ones. I brought it on the plane as well, with a Clover thread cutter in my little stitchery carry along. No problem in any of the security controls.
The small motifs are to be alternated with appliqued hearts.
This project will have a special place in my heart :-)

Now this project will be the last in line again and may not appear on the work table again before the end of May, depending on how productive I am on the other projects in line. I have to speed up, haven't I ??

Kerry at My Favorite Things are having a nice Mother's Day giveaway. Take a look at her blog and enjoy.
We celebrate Mother's Day the second Sunday of February here in Norway, but I hope it will not disqualify my comment on her blog :-)


  1. Small steps??? I think they are big! I wonder how many ongoing projects are in the line for May?

  2. You have done it again You work fast and nice. I have half of the main motif finished and then I can say I am following up with my photo :-)
    take care

  3. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Beautiful stitchery, as always, Hanne ! Keep going, dear, and you'll catch up with May Britt's, HeeHee......


  4. Very nice Hanne!

  5. This will be a cute quilt! Little steps really do produce results. I practice this rule all the time!

  6. love the stitcheries..... especially the top one how nice it will be to have it finished and ready to bring out at Christmas.

  7. Such pretty redwork blocks to celebrate this special day!

  8. Gratulerer med ferdige blokker til julekalenderen.

  9. nice stitcheries can be very productive while waiting for flights etc...........

  10. Adventskalenderen blir kjempeflott!

  11. Your redwork embroidery is simply lovely.

  12. You are a very talented Redowrk artist!

  13. always do a lot of're tireless!!!!
    ...and a great artist too!!!!


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