Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Good Secret

I have taught my DDs about good secrets - those you can keep to yourself if you like, and enjoy like a good sweet, until it is time to share them with others.

This is one of my good secrets - a project that will be published in the autumn.
I have had a lovely time with good tools, embroidery floss and sharp needles today :-)

Today's gratitude - DH fixed my car so it can be used again tomorrow. I am not a car fixer, just a car user :-)


  1. Great.......more secrets........I love it :)

  2. can I see.......love secrets.....

    What has been wrong with your car, DH is asking......

  3. Secrets is ... I am the one that are so curious LOL Looks great!

  4. Spennende, spennende, - her er det bare å vente, skjønner jeg!
    :: Just have to wait, and I am looking forward to see it :-)


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