Friday, August 01, 2008

Lost in action ?

Take 3 spoonfuls of Very Hot weather, in which the best thing is to stay outdoors in the shade with a book ( like Elm Creek ),
2 spoonfuls of deadlines and paperwork,
1 spoonful of designing my own things,
1 spoonful of health issues, as in summer cold - in spite of the weather - and a poor neck and back, stir well, and you get what I have been up to lately.

I am not not at all fond of whining, so I have been making the best of it, even if the sewing machine has not been used much.

One very good thing though - my sewing area looks tidy and A Lot of paperwork are Done ! :-)

Ever heard about 365 Decluttering Challenge ?

It is going around on the Norwegian blogs these days, starting this month, lasting for 365 days from whenever you start yourself.
The idea is to fling 1 thing out of your house every day for one year, be it to the garbage can, donation, whatever.

Being familiar with the FlyLady system I have been doing many flings over the years, so there is not chaos in my house, so even if I have sort of joined the challenge in my head anyway, I will not draw your attention to my efforts very much.

For my purpose I have renamed it to 365 Treasure Hunt.
I am not searching for things to fling but for things to keep, if you see the difference ?
In my head that is more of the half full than the half empty glass thinking.
I am drawn to the half full philosophy, always :-)

A seamstress / quilter / stitcher needs sharp needles and needles serving the right purposes.
You can not quilt well with a blunt needle, you can not darn with a bent quilting needle, can you ?

So, hunt I did, for the needles I want to keep !

Out goes blunt, bent, to well used needles and left are the keepers!
By the numbers flung I should go guilt free for weeks ;-)

Letting go of the blunt, bent and to well used things in your life, be it in every meaning, literally and metaphorically, will add more smiles, more joy and more fun to your life.

There is nothing like a free lunch - even flinging can be hard, but it will pass, promise :-)

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  1. Well, there you are! I've been stopping by and you've been busy. :-) Good to "see" you!

    Decluttering is a huge way of life for me. Three years ago we decided to downsize and simplify our lives and continue to do so. I need to downsize and simplify my sewing room but where to start daunting to me. And, on a very regular basis I 'clean' my pin cushions - getting rid of dull and/or bent needles and pins. Makes me a much happier quilter. :-)


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