Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lost in quilty action

10 busy days -

- working on my health issues - successful! - with acupuncture, diet adjustments, exercise and massage. It will take a long time, but as long as it is small steps in the right direction every week, I am a happy camper :-)

- working on my own designs and class projects - can't say much about that right now.

- filling up with Vitamin Q - you know, inspiration, laughter, friends and all :-)

Last Sunday I attended the Show & Tell at Lappemakeriet on the classes given there this autumn.
It was a very nice sunny day and the Show & Tell was outdoors.

Here is a few photos from the Show & Tell:

This is my favourite - I bought the pattern :-) :

A class on 60 degree ruler:

The latest Block of the Month - can be had in different colourways!
I love the way Lappemakeriet gives you colourway choices on their BOMs.

My own Dear Jane quilt - I am looking forward to teach the class :-) :
Trine and Tullemor got a lot of exercise from holding up all those big quilts !

Another Block of the Month, with several colour choices.
This is my favourite - see the other choices on their website.

Shhhh - don't laugh - I ordered this BOM, in this colourway - waiting for the first packet in the mail as we speak :-)

After the Show & Tell, which lasted an hour, we all went shopping in the shop, and received a special 15 % discount.
We even had a great time standing in line, chatting and smiling :-)

PS. I am sure you have figured out a long time ago that Lappemakeriet is one of my 3 favourite Norwegian shops :-)


  1. Lucky you to be at Lappemakeriet! I remember last October I spent a day there with Anne-Ida. These quilts are wonderful.
    Glad you feel better now!

  2. Such lovely quilts. I understand you buying both the pattern and the BOM. I'm so happy you are feeling better now. Take care.

  3. Good to hear you're feeling beetter!!
    I very well understand you ordered that pattern, I would have done that too, it is a gorgeous quilt in lovely fabrics. I want one too!!!
    I did buy the pattern for Rie's quilt earlier this summer, but had not had the time to sit down and puzzle with it yet. Maybe we should gather some girls, and play along together with it? That would be fun:-)
    I am looking forward to be in your class later this year, for the DJ. Yours is absolutely fabulous!

  4. What a nice setting for show and tell.

  5. I love all of the quilts that were shown but the first quilt really captured me. Are those flying geese in the round??? Who is the pattern by if you don't mind my asking. I'm glad that you're feeling better.

  6. Good idea of get a lot of vitamin Q...and what I saw in the are so right...lovely quilts and nice purchases of you... good luck...and take care...


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