Thursday, August 21, 2008

Out of the swing of things

I hope you will bear with me - I am very out of the swing of things, due to some health challenges.

I have had some tests that showed nothing - which is good,
and some other tests that show something that can be mended over time - which is very good!

Having had 6 surgeries since year 2000, amongst other things, have me running on low batteries right now.
The batteries and the battery charger need service, metaphorically speaking.

However - I am not at my usual speed, I am behind on a gazillion of mails, and I have not updated much on the Summer Strip Challenge.
If I will catch up with the mails or not I am not sure, or if I should just start fresh.
The Summer Strip challenge will be updated on my right sidebar very very soon, promise :-)

I am being good to myself, focusing on small daily steps, enjoying gallons of tea, stitchery and the last prepping for this autumn's classes, which I look forward to with joy.


  1. Hei! Så leit dette var da! Ta godt vare på deg selv og lad batteriene med den type lading du synes mest om!!

  2. Hanne the most important thing is to take care of yourself....keep safe and well.

  3. Enjoy the rest of summer and all the joy it brings and take care of yourself because if you don't, who will ? Work hard at charging up your batteries and don't worry about anything else. QGB

  4. Sender deg en god-bedring-klem, jeg.

  5. Tenkjer på deg, ta det med ro, gjer berre det du har mest lyst til. La desse challenga ligge litt.
    Klem og god helg!

  6. Take care of yourself - mind, body and spirit! ((HUGS))

  7. Thinking of you, Hanne, and wishing you well!

    Marianne in Vermont

  8. Sending you wishes for good health from Indiana. Tea, books, and sewing are good medicine for sure!

  9. Hanne, I'm sorry to hear you're having some health problems again. I say ditch the emails - sometimes it's just too difficult to try and get caught up.

  10. Med de beste ønsker om god bedring!

    Solfylt hilsen fra Kari Anne

  11. Take care of yourself Hanna .... about the e-mails, I vote for starting afresh with a clean slate. Hope you're back to 100% real soon.


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