Monday, September 01, 2008

Just call me Mrs. Lucky :-)

I have received a wonderful prize from Peg - Happy In Quilting - for winning in her challenge Finish Five by End of July.

A beautiful quilt
A wonderful magazine - Australian Patchwork and Quilting
Choccy Snakes - chocolate covered jelly snakes
and Vegemite (!!!)

The quilt is already on my coffee table – very nice looking, just perfect for autumn decoration :-)

I have thumbed the magazine, and am looking forward to read more later.

The Choccy Snakes – hehehe – I think that is a kind of snake I can relate to. I tasted 2 - both tasted yummy!

I have tasted Vegemite on my finger just now. I understand Vegemite is the ultimate Australian sandwich spread, on toast – I like it too !
I guess I will do well if when I come to Australia then - hehehe

Thank you so much for hosting the challenge Peg!
It was great fun, and as I said once before – I feel like I won twice – finished products _and_ a prize.

Thanks Again :-)


  1. Lucky you. That quilt is beautiful. And you deserves it.

  2. Gratulerer!!! Det er helt sikker vel fortjent alt sammen!!! Bare kos deg du, med alt sammmen...

  3. Congratulations... lovely prize for you...and you really deserved it!! :o)

  4. Hanne I am so pleased you like all your treats from Aus...I do appreciate you joining my little challenge...I had an absolute ball, and the number of projects you completed was awesome...take care Peg..


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