Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas thoughts

I got this meme from Sølvi - 5 things we DON'T want for Christmas.

Not being on the receiving end of more than a handful of gifts anymore I could not think about anything I don't want to receive.

Off course burnt fingertips, running in my stockings, dripping candlelights and so on are not on my favourite list, but in the big picture those are small thing, all things considered.

The more I thought about this, the more my mind turned to other subjects, so instead of the 5 things I don't want, I will give you 5 things I do want for Christmas:

I wish for all children (of all ages) that no harm will come to you this Christmas. I wish you can feel safe and warm, inside and out!

I wish for all who are in grief that you will be comforted.

I wish for all who are in pain that you will get relief.

I wish for all who need a hand to hold that it will be one there for you.

I wish for all who feel alone that you will have company. I wish you can enjoy a good meal and the flicker of candlelights.

I am passing this meme on to anyone wanting it - with your own twist if you want :-)

May your all Christmas wishes come through!

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  1. Oh Hanne, you have such a good heart. Bless you.


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