Thursday, January 22, 2009

My next 2 projects in the making

I like to pick only a few projects to work on at a time, preferably one for machine work and one for hand work.

These sherbet coloured Dear Jane blocks was a swap I had going with my very dear friend Val.
Over the years we have swapped blocks by making 2 and send 1, so we both had a fairly good mix of blocks.
The sherbet blocks did not do it for either of us in the long run, so we changed to swapping Christmas block instead.

The blocks have since then lived in my Dear Jane block box - must be 4-5 years by now - I think.....

The layout you see here is my new and fresh spring / summer / all year tote!
The sashing and lining fabrics are in the washer as we speak.
With the blocks laid out like this I like them very very much, and with the sashing fabric it will be a heart melter indeed - and not at all invisible in a crowd :-)

No wonder stitchery did not hit a string with me when it was sort of re-introduced a few years back.

This redwork embroidery is 15+ years old and done with stem stitches.
I do not and did not like the way stem stitches do not follow a steep curve, so this was tucked in the bottom of my embroidery project zip lock bag.

Redwork is also part of Norwegian embroidery traditions, but in my mind traditions are changing to fit the age we are living in, as are we, so I am frog stitching this one - rip rip - and will do it as I do stitchery these days, with back stitches and and stabilizing behind the fabric.

I am looking forward to finish this 14" square and frame it with fabric.

What I will make ?
Maybe a table topper ?


  1. Hanne, I can't wait to see your bag made with the sherbet blocks!

  2. You are going to have the coolest, spring, summer, all around bag of anyone. I just love the sherbet!

  3. I prefer the backstitch stitcheries too, and yours will be great.
    Many greetings

  4. You are so right on the outline or stem stitch. I much prefer backstitch. And I learned that from you....... Until I saw your backstitch stitcheries I avoided redwork.

    I also learned to limit the number of projects I am working on. Although I do have more going a once. Then if I am downstairs at night and realize I need something from upstairs, I can just move on to the next project till I make the trip upstairs the next morning.

  5. Ohh!! Your Summer tote will be very pretty and colourful! I know exactly what you mean about stem stitch....the stitchery will be beautiful in backstitch!!
    Happy stitching, Cathy

  6. Hanne, what a great idea to make a tote from your swap blocks! I actually have one of those Dear Jane boxes, as well, sitting somewhere in my sewing space!!! I believe it contains blocks from a Spring, Fall, Bright's and Valentine's Swap!! Hehehe!
    Cheers! Mary Ann

  7. Anonymous8:56 am

    Hei, mye fint på bloggen din. Det ligger en award til deg på bloggen min!

  8. Du får gjort så mye, jeg er imponert over alle ideene dine!

  9. Anonymous2:41 am

    Did you figure out how to make the stem stitch do what you want? I switch between stem and outline on the curves, and do pretty well. Sometimes on a really steep curve, I have to take an anchoring stitch, but usually just taking very short stitches does it.


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